Thursday, January 24, 2013


This flu is no fun at all.

I've been taking it easy as much as I can. Light reading, dozing, perusing spring catalogs online -  Pottery Barn and Greengate and Cath Kidston and Carter's and The Children's Place; so many ways to decorate home and children.

The Bear has taken very good care of me. He has virtually taken over all of my responsibilities while trying to work from home. He is a wonderful man. I appreciate him so much.

And I can show my appreciation by taking care of him as he is also showing signs of illness now.

I've had trouble keeping food down because I have a very bad cough. So I'm drinking water and tea, trying to eat a little when I can - especially fruit, soup and sherbet (it feels so good on my throat) - and resting as much as possible. Today I'm finally well enough to sit up in my chair for awhile and I'm hoping tomorrow might bring good enough health for crocheting. I miss my hook.

My small Bears have been so well-behaved and we had a very proud moment this week when the LB came home from school with happy news. He had gotten 95% on his subtraction mastery test which means he has "passed out" of subtraction and can move onto multiplication in his math lessons. He is a pretty impressive first-grader.

My plan for the weekend, should the Bear and I be feeling well enough, is to have a little party for us. It will be a combination Subtraction Mastery and Flu Survival Party. I think we will have pizza. I normally make pizza from scratch but something tells me that isn't the smartest plan right now. So I think we'll get take-and-bake pizza from Papa Murphy's and make banana splits for dessert.

Oh yes, I absolutely do celebrate with food. Sometimes I even reward people with it. So there.

Now I'm alone at home. The small Bears are at their respective schools and the Bear is at work; he took them to school earlier this morning. I'm going to pick up the children in a couple of hours. I can handle this outing but I'm going to stay at home when we're done. Maybe tomorrow I'll be ready for a little more time in the world.

It's quiet and sunny, not nearly as cold right now as it was last week, though that is slated to return. I'm feeling my health begin to return. I'm writing, listening to the "Today" show, watching my rainbow maker throw color and light around the kitchen. I feel fortunate. I hope you do too.


I wanted to say hello and welcome to those reading my blog! I have loved the comments I've received, especially since I got sick, and I am so happy to know people are taking the time to read my musings. Thank you for visiting me, I'm so glad to have you.


  1. I hope you continue to improve and feel back to normal soon. Sounds like you're doing everything right. And your husband sounds like a good man!

    We celebrate with food too. And wine, lots of wine. :-)

    Gillian x

  2. Hi Gillian! Thank you. I'm actually feeling fairly well this afternoon. Not great, but not deathly anymore, so it's an improvement. He is a terrific man. I got really lucky when I found him. :)

    Yes, a woman after my own heart! Eat, drink and be merry! :)

  3. Hope you and Mr Bear will soon be well again. Congratulations to LB, fantastic mark.
    Carol xx

  4. Hi Carol! Thank you. We're both doing quite a bit better today. The LB thanks you too. :)

  5. Have a fun family party. Hope you continue to feel better & better.


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