Sunday, January 20, 2013

Easy weekend

This weekend has been quite easy and relaxing. It's finally warming up a bit here, which has been so much more comfortable. It makes getting out of the house easier too - fewer layers, hats, mittens, gloves and the like to pile onto my small Bears before we can go.

The Bear worked Friday unlike last week when he had a day off, so I was alone for the school driving and ballet class. The GB is so happy to be back at ballet after the long holiday break. The class is primarily a "creative movement"-based one, but this half of the year they are beginning to introduce some basic fundamentals of ballet. It's so interesting to watch these tiny girls, all between three and five years old, learn to move their bodies in an artistic way.

The GB has always loved to dance. Even before she could walk, she would move her body to music whenever she heard it. We signed her up for ballet both to encourage her love of dance and to help her learn to take directions and join in with a group. It has been very good for her. She is doing well with the instruction and I can already see her becoming confident about her body.

Saturday brought a fun event; the small Bears started their music classes again. They both take music classes on Saturday mornings through a local university's department of music. As a community outreach to help bring music to kids they offer low-cost music lessons and music-appreciation classes. We started both children in preschool music classes and now they have progressed; the LB takes a classical guitar class and the GB is now taking a "music and movement" class. They both love going. The LB is surprisingly talented with the guitar; it helps that the Bear has some guitar skills so he can help him at home. But the LB is agreeable about practicing and has made great progress since he started a year ago.

On Saturday afternoon I went to the library alone for a little while. I had a few books that had come in from the holds list. I'm still reading And the Dead Shall Rise, the non-fiction legal/crime book I told you about last week. It's a really good book but it's dense so it's a bit of a slog. I am determined to finish it though. I can already feel a few of my smarts coming back since I decided to read something slightly scholarly.

The books I picked up from the library are promising. I tend to find books by searching for books I have already read and then looking at the books other people bought when they bought that one, or books that Amazon recommends. Then I go onto my library's website and check to see if they have any of the books; if they do, I'll place a hold. I don't have an e-reader or even a mobile device, so I can't download books. Maybe someday I'll move on to that kind of technology but for now, I'm still enjoying books the old-fashioned way. Frugality plays a role too, of course.

Two of the books I got yesterday are novels, The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey and The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty. Both look excellent to me. And just for fun, I borrowed Rod: the Autobiography. I've always been a fan of his music. I was probably one of the few teenagers in the 90's listening to his album Rod Stewart Unplugged...and Seated but it was one of my favorites! I owned it on cassette and wore it out on my Walkman. I don't know a lot about his personal life though; I remember on that album where he introduced his song "Have I Told You Lately," saying something about how long it had been since he'd first recorded it. He then said "Me wife was only one!" I think he was referring to his then-wife Rachel Hunter, who was a lot younger than he. He seems like a colorful sort to me.

Sunday morning finds us all hanging out in the sunny living room together. I'm sitting on the couch with my laptop and the Bears are on the floor doing various things. The GB received a little beginner's needlepoint for Christmas and is just learning how to work it. The LB and his father are working on an electronics project together. The Bear is an engineer; his educational background includes a degree in electrical engineering, though that is not exactly what he does in his career today.

Our LB is just like Daddy and thinks and learns the same way he does. He is entranced by all things mathematical and scientific, but he especially loves electronics and anything having to do with electrical circuits and wiring and has from an early age. I was the mom desperately trying to prevent her toddler from sticking things in outlets; he learned to pry the plastic covers off the outlets before he turned two. It was a headache, but at least now he's old enough to learn how to be safe with his pursuits.

I've been crocheting, of course. I'm working on the five-round granny squares I showed you last week. I have thirteen finished now, which is less than ten percent of what I'll need to make an afghan, but I truly love working on these squares. I can make one from start to finish, including weaving in the ends, in about thirty minutes. They're fun because I can fit them into any downtime where I have nothing else pressing to do. I'm also enjoying coming up with color combinations, working with a somewhat muted, vintage-esque palette of colors.

Sometimes my combinations work really well, like this one, which almost reminds me of a Monet painting.

I like this one because it's sort of autumnal.

This one looks like it came from a blanket made by someone's actual granny, a very long time ago.


And some are less appealing. This one makes me think of Superman.

But all in all, they seem to be working well together and I think this will be a cheerful addition to our family room when it's all done.

And that's our weekend so far. I have a roast beef planned for dinner tonight and the Bear and I are looking forward to "Downton Abbey" on TV tonight. I am on the edge of my seat wondering what is going to become of poor Edith.


  1. It sounds like a lovely weekend. My son loves to dance and move to music in any way he can - it cracks me up and makes me so happy.

    Funny how those squares all look so different and have such a different feel to them. They will look beautiful all together though. I haven't done any crochet since Christmas - I am itching to start some now!

    Gillian x

  2. Hi Gillian! We did have a nice weekend, although this afternoon I developed a fever and aches. I think I may be getting the flu. :(

    Thank you, I think the squares are coming together pretty well. I like having a project on the go and this one is nice and relaxing.

  3. My older daughter took ballet when she was tiny. So cute.

    I find books the same way you do, Amazon and then check the library. Sometimes I do the used book store - we have a great one here that has a fun coffee/seating area and tons of used and discounted new books. Of course now that I'm trying to simplify and cut down on "Stuff" in the house I've been trying to stay away from buying and just stick with the library.

    Hope you don't end up getting the flu!

  4. Hi Jenny! Thank you, but I definitely do have the flu. This really stinks.

    Yes, we decided to stop buying books a few years ago and it has been really good for us. Our book collection was ridiculous. Add in the fact that we moved houses several times in the early part of our marriage and we decided we had to get rid of a lot of those books and other things too.


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