Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Icy cold

Yesterday was an icy cold day here in my patch. The high temperature was about 30 degrees and it was a bit windy. I didn't spend much time outdoors because it was quite bracing out there. I did go outside for a few minutes to hang some things on my little clothesline.

I love having a clothesline; I try to hang things to dry as much as possible, both to use the clothes dryer less and because I enjoy having things outside on the line. Some things are just better dried outdoors.

After taking down the Christmas tree and putting everything back into storage in the garage, I was craving cleanliness. I am not necessarily a "neat freak" but I do like things to be in order. I decided to vacuum the whole house and mop all the tiles too.

We have ceramic tile flooring throughout the foyer, main hall, kitchen and both bathrooms. I use a Shark mop for the tiles; the Bear gave me this item as a surprise a few years ago and I love it. The Shark makes cleaning floors so much easier.

My current vacuum cleaner is making cleaning rather difficult because it works poorly, but I am expecting a new one any day now. I ordered it after Christmas. The new one is not fancy, it's a Hoover, affordable and with good online reviews. But anything will be better than the clunker I have now and I'm excited about having a new one.

So I vacuumed and mopped and then washed the Shark mop pad and the kitchen rugs. These items need to be hung to dry and while it was very cold outside, I don't have good places to hang them indoors, so out I went.

It was beautiful outside, if chilly! The sky was bright blue and the sun was shining. There were a few clouds and the wind was brisk but it was otherwise a perfect winter's day. This is the sky from the east side of our house; you can see our honeysuckle, which grows over a fence on that side.

The rugs and mop pad were hung on my little clothesline at the side of our back porch. The Bear made this for me when we moved here three and a half years ago. He put a little clip at the left end so it can be taken down easily. We do that sometimes during bad weather or when he needs to move in and out of the gate at the right side of the line (we have a tool shed down there).

I love my colorful clothespins. I tried to be resourceful with my pin bag, using a discarded plastic mesh bag which once held fresh limes; someday I'd really like to crochet or sew a new bag.

I walked around the yard a little bit after I pinned the rugs and pad. It was about 23 degrees at the time and I wasn't properly dressed but I felt like being outside for a few minutes. I really love my backyard and I try to go out there every day, even in the winter. In warm weather I spend lots of time in the yard.

I have a beautiful view of the Sandia Mountains every day of the year, but yesterday the peak was obscured by clouds. I took this photo over the wall on the east side of our property. I am so blessed to have this glorious view, especially because it changes from hour to hour, month to month, season to season. I will be sharing more of this view with you. It's a very important feature of life here in the Thistlebear home.

I took a look to the North as well, the arroyo side of the property. Our family Christmas present this year was a home weather station and we are enjoying it a lot. It's a relatively inexpensive one but it has excellent features. During the week between Christmas and New Years, the Bear and the LB spent most of an afternoon mounting it to a tall pole at the back wall so that it can receive information, which is transmitted back to a receiver mounted in our family room.

Here you can see it standing in the yard; it was a bit windy, with a breeze coming from the northwest at about 8 miles per hour, but of course I could not capture the anemometer's movement with my camera. I think we'll really like having this; it will be educational and informative.

That back wall area is quite open, and consequently very breezy because of the arroyo, so I hightailed it back into the house after I took this picture. I will surely be talking more about the weather station another time, though.

I came back inside and started getting lunch ready; it was our last day with the Bear at home with us on his holiday vacation from work and we had a nice afternoon together. I did some crocheting (I am almost done with the giant granny! Only four rounds to go!) and we stayed warm and cozy while the wind kicked up even more (we know this for sure because of the weather station!). Today he's back at work and I have a few more days at home with the small Bears; we're keeping busy but we're ready to get back to our normal routines too.

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  1. Interesting! Your home weather station looks very sophisticated! The weather has always been a hot topic in our family :) I love the view you captured of the mountains near you!
    Gracie xx


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