Monday, February 4, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 5/52

Joining Jen at little birdie, here are my four photos of happy for the past week.

My little pot of daffodils has flowers now. They are tiny but bright and cheerful. There are about seven flowers altogether and at least two more buds yet to open.

I made delicious Cobb salads for me and the Bear on Saturday night and they were a hit! I loosely followed this recipe, which imitates the Cobb salad (and vinaigrette dressing) originally served at the Brown Derby restaurant in Hollywood in the 1930's. It was like eating a fancy restaurant salad, only we were cozy at home, watching Sherlock on Netflix. I took this picture before I added the sliced avocado; that made it even prettier.

I saw flowers blooming at the local botanic garden this morning! There were just a few of these snowdrops in bloom but they are such a promising sign of spring. The botanic garden is one of our favorite attractions in Albuquerque. It's about twenty minutes from our house and we go there frequently. I love to take my small Bears down there to walk around for an hour or two when the weather is nice.

Also at the botanic garden was this yarny spectacle. Recently, some local knitters and crocheters organized a yarn-bombing at the garden. Many different items were given the wooly treatment. The "children's fantasy garden" has huge models of insects, vegetables, gardening implements and other items; some of the giant ants were yarn-bombed in a big way! This one was my favorite.


  1. That salad looks so tasty. I was never that sure what a Cobb salad was so thanks for sharing. I love making tuna nicoise salad for lunch supper in the summer, it's light but filling at the same time. I love it. In fact, why wait for summer, I should just make one now.

    Gillian x

    1. Thanks, Gillian. It was so good. I love the blue cheese, bacon and avocado together. Tuna nicoise is delicious too, you should make it now! Sometimes I make it as a pasta salad, just throw the tuna, olives and other veggies in with cooked penne or similar and toss it with the dressing.

  2. Hi Jennifer,
    I finally got a chance to read your blog. I have been having computer problems and it wouldn't come up when I hit the link. I got through and read all of your posts. I love your blankets. They are so pretty. You have a great eye for color. I love finding new blogs too, and I really like yours.

    1. Hi Kashi! Thank you for visiting and for taking the time to read and comment. I really appreciate it. Thank you too for the compliments. I'm so glad to have you, your blog and your work are an inspiration to me. :)


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