Thursday, February 14, 2013


Around here, Valentine's Day is fairly low-key. We keep it somewhat simple, exchanging smallish gifts and enjoying each other's company. The Bear is at work and the small Bears had school this morning but we'll all be together again this evening. I had some time this morning to grab coffee with a friend while the small Bears were at school, and then a little while to browse in the fabric store before I needed to pick them up, so I'd say my day has been very nice so far.

I buy myself flowers (and candy!) pretty often so my love usually chooses more unusual treasures for me. This year he really surprised me. He (along with the small Bears) gave me a beautiful blown-glass oil lamp which he bought in Weems, a local art gallery. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm in love with it. And him.


We gave him a book by an author he loves. He has been into Neal Stephenson for several years and when I saw that he had a new non-fiction book, this collection of essays and other short writings, I knew he would enjoy reading it. I also gave him a dark chocolate tiramisu bar. His favorite dessert is tiramisu (I make it for his birthday most years), so it seemed right.

The small Bears will receive their gifts later on when Daddy is home from work. They are being given new swings for their backyard swing-set. I ordered them online and picked them up locally yesterday. Their swing-set was bought second-hand, from a family who had outgrown it, and the swings have been in need of replacement for awhile now. These new swings will be a vast improvement. We're pretty sure these two swinging fanatics are going to like them.

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone gets to be with someone they love today.


Hello and welcome to all my new readers! It's so nice to have you. Thanks for visiting me. :)


  1. I can see why you love your lamp, absolutely beautiful. I bet you could just sit and gaze at it for ages. We too keep it low key, just an exchange of cards but this year we also braved the cold and went to Pickering for the day ( a small town in the North Yorkshire Moors, a favourite place) so it was a really lovely day.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you too.
    Carol xx

    1. Thank you, Carol. I really do love it. Your day sounds very nice, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

  2. Oh that lamp is gorgeous! We're not big on Vday here either but got each other things we needed this year.


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