Friday, March 1, 2013


March already! I'm so excited to be on the cusp of springtime. We all are. I think everyone in Blogland seems to feel the same. I'm sure we'll still have some nasty weather in my patch but I'm staying optimistic.

I may have jumped the gun with my dining room table decorations but I couldn't wait any longer. My scrappy topper isn't ready yet, of course, but the cream-colored runner I used all winter is good for springtime too.

I bought the creamy silk flowers at Hobby Lobby two weeks ago when all of their silk flowers were on sale for 50% off regular price. The pale green taper candles work well with them, I think.

I changed the garden flag in our front courtyard to a St. Patrick's Day-themed one. I'm not Irish at all, as far as I know, though the Bears have some Irish in them. But my lack of Irish-ness has never stopped me from enjoying this holiday.

I picked up the purple tulips yesterday when I shopped. I'm so eager to have my own flowers blooming to bring inside but these are beautiful and fresh and I can't resist the simple extravagance of new flowers in the house every couple of weeks. I just feel better when I walk into the kitchen and see them on the table.

March for the Thistlebear family: we have the children's spring break from school coming up during the second week of the month. We don't have big plans, as the Bear still has to go to work, but we do have a dental appointment for both small Bears and at least two playdates with their friends.

We should be able to keep fairly busy. If the weather is nice we'll have lots of time to play outdoors, both in our own backyard and at the local city parks.

We're looking forward to Easter. This is our favorite holiday as a family. Every year, the Bear and I spend the night before Easter making the children's Easter baskets, then we go out to the backyard and hide eggs for them to find in the morning. We get up with the sun to look for eggs.

The small Bears are already talking about how excited they are for the hunt. You would think it was one of those massive hunts with thousands of eggs and a hundred kids. I love that they love it so much.

Yard work, gardening, general clean-up and outdoor fun will be enjoyed as well. We're also starting to look ahead to summer, thinking about how we'll fill the long days and whether we might like to take a little vacation or a short camping trip. Or hopefully both.

What will you do in the month of March? I hope it's a month of light and warmth for all.


  1. The white flowers and green candles look nice in your dinig room. I love your polka dot jug. Yay for March! I am looking forward to the time change and the nicer weather sure to come by the end of the month!

    1. Hi Softie! Thanks. Oh, me too, the time change is very exciting!

  2. Love that cheerful green jug and those purple tulips, they are so full of spring promise.

    This month I want to tackle the garden do some painting and decorating inside. My thoughts always turn to home improvements this time of year.

    Enjoy your weekend. :-) x

    1. Thanks, Gillian! Oh, painting is a good idea. I need to do some too. I was thinking about doing it this summer but maybe it would be nice to get it done sooner...

  3. Those purple tulips and the green jug are so gorgeous! Can't believe it's March already! I've always felt like Spring is the true start to the year!

    1. Hi darkrose! Thank you. I feel the same way about spring!


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