Monday, April 22, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 16/52

Joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are my four photos of happy for the past week.

Our irises are sending up their bud-shoots and we've even had one bloom so far. Irises are not my favorite flower; the spicy scent is a little overwhelming and they make a mess when displayed in a vase, with their drippy, gooey nectar. But the colors are beautiful and I really enjoy them in the yard.

My small Bears are so happy spring is here. They have been enjoying the new swings we gave them as a Valentine's Day present. They swing and swing and swing. They're also killing the grass where they drag their feet to stop themselves but we don't mind. There's plenty of time in the future for meticulous lawn-keeping.

I received a shipment of Stylecraft Special DK from Deramores this weekend. I ordered several shades which are duplicates of ones I've already purchased, used and loved. Others are new to me. I'm crazy about this yarn. There's nothing like coming home from an afternoon spent at the barber shop (for male haircuts) and the garden center (for what seemed like 500 cubic tons of mulch and compost) to find big, squishy packages of lovely yarn waiting on the front step just for you.

We gave our GB a tea party this weekend. It's not easy to be the little sister sometimes; her big brother is kind to her, but she tends to get a little lost in the shuffle with his school events, his big, loud playmates, his general guitar-playing, bike-zooming, computer-building ways. She is quieter and enjoys homier pursuits. Pretend tea parties are a favorite pastime so we had a real one for a change. We had Little Debbie cakes, herbal tea and orange slices. We ate on the patio and we brought a lot of babies, along with fake wooden cookies for them. It was a perfectly lovely party for our lovely little lady.


Hello and welcome to my new readers and followers! I'm so glad you're here. I also wanted to say thank you for all the compliments on my Scrappy Little Quilt; you are all so kind. I enjoy crafting so much and it's always nice to know that people appreciate the things I'm making.


  1. I'm originally from Abq, and my mom still lives there-it's so pretty there right now!! That yarn is lovely.

  2. Lovely happy things. The tea party for your little girl in particular. I often feel that Alfie is often left out of things. What a lovely way to share some time together.

    Leanne xx

  3. Our little girl is often in the shadow of her big brother too. We find that she relies on him for most things and likes to take a step back. But just lately she is becoming more and more independent. :) The tea party was a lovely idea and I bet Girl bear loved it. I love the yarn! :)

  4. I feel so refreshed when I visit your blog. Thank you for sharing your happy with me!
    Handmade Cuties!

  5. lovely thingS! Thanks for sharinf xx

  6. Another lovely week. What fun to have a tea party with all the "babies." I just love doing those sorts of things with little ones. Have fun with your new yarn. :)

  7. Great pictures. I love tea parties!

  8. Lovely time and I would love to be at that tea party too ☺

  9. What a great idea! :) It looks like you had a perfect week! I've been thinking of doing something similar to reflect on my week.

    Happy Tuesday!

  10. Such lovely happy moments. All that new Stylecraft yarn looks wonderful! I am also a big fan of that yarn, it's great.
    M x

  11. Hi Jen, lovely pics. I am going to check out that yarn. thanks for commenting on my blog. I realised it was your blog and a couple of others which linked in which recommended The Snow Child; so thank you!

  12. Lovely colours in that yarn! I think my next big blanket will have to be made with Stylecraft Special DK. I have a swatch card but can't decide on the colours.

    Your tea party is such a lovely idea. I've just googled Little Debbie cakes and think they look rather tasty. x


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