Tuesday, April 2, 2013


This month, we will:

~ Revel in our apple tree's blossoms. I could sit in the yard all day breathing in the heady scent.
~ Welcome our local hummingbirds back to the yard. We hung the feeder this weekend.
~ Start wearing shorts most days. And I'll be shaving my legs more often.
~ Start needing hats and sunblock every day. Good thing I have a cute hat.
~ Start running the sprinklers in the yard; this morning was the first time for the season.
~ Buy and plant annuals. I don't have much luck with them, but I enjoy the fantasy.
~ Watch the Trumpet Vine flower over the vigas (roof beams) in our courtyard.
~ Register the small Bears for swimming lessons at our local city pool this summer.
~ Start planning a little family getaway to Denver, probably for late June.
~ Maybe use our outdoor firepit, but that may be stretching a little.

I love April. This month feels like the real beginning of spring. Snow is rare at this point in the year where I live, and the days can be truly warm, even hot. It's the last full month of school for both small Bears; they only have about seven weeks of classes left before summer vacation. Then I will have a rising second-grader in my house. Whoa.

I have teacher gifts planned for the end of the year; they will involve crochet. As soon as I'm done with the Scrappy Trip-Along project (I've made significant progress lately!), I can start working on the gifts. I'm trying something new to me for the LB's teacher. I've practiced with scrap yarn and I have my fingers crossed.

My spring fever has been so bad for so long that I feel a little squirrelly. And I don't even live in a place with a continuing slog of snow and cold. I have in the past, though, so I understand how it feels. I sincerely hope that everyone's weather improves very soon; no more of this prolonged-winter business.

Right now, I'm itching to break out. I'm dusting off my flip-flops, changing the small Bears' drawers over to spring clothes and planning outdoor-grilled meals. I'm already thinking about hot dogs (mine to be blackened just the way I like them) for this Friday's dinner, with toasted buns and lots of ketchup.


  1. Well, it looks like you have some great things planned for April. I am envious of your warm weather - we very rarely have 'shorts' weather. :( I have never even thought of crafting gifts for the teacher at the end of term - thank you for putting this idea in my head!! I hope April turns out to be everything you wish it to be. :)

  2. Jennifer,

    Lovely list of things planned for April.

    Also, Hummingbirds?!!!!!! That sounds so exotic and fabulous!

    I woke up this morning, and it was Spring. It really was!!

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures this month.

    Leanne xx

  3. Hi Jennifer...How ambitious of you to make a list!!!
    Sometimes that is the only way to stay on track, eh?
    Love your Iron Gate...and your roof beams with the Trumpet Vine..
    The Hummers love that as well!!!
    Send some warm weather my way!!

    Linda :o)

  4. Oh, your beautiful blue sky! I've got the fever, too, got it bad. Thank you for this little breath of spring. :)

  5. I loved your photos and your Spring list, fun idea! We had wonderful weather over the Easter weekend, but they say the rain is coming back.. wah! Enjoy! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Your pictures just radiate happiness x

  7. I need to sign up my boys for swimming lessons also :) I agree that the smell of apple blossoms is great!

  8. Looks wonderful! I wish we had apple trees around me - they are so beautiful. Happy spring!

  9. I always like seeing your photos. They are very "southwest" and very appealing to a midwest person like myself! Wish we had more of your sun amd warmth!

  10. I like how you listed everything for the month. I should give this a try and maybe I will accomplish more! Have a wonderful evening. :)

  11. Great photos Jennifer. April is full-on Spring for us too. It's rare to get any snow now, thank goodness.

  12. Sounds like you have lots of lovely things planned for April.
    M xxx

  13. Hi Jennifer,
    Beautiful photos. It's hard to believe that you will be getting sun-hat and sunblock weather - we live in one of the warmest places in the UK and we still need to wrap up in winter woolies to leave the house.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your Scrappy Trip-Along project. I'll be interested to see what gifts you make for your teachers - I usually crochet apples.
    Have a great week

  14. You sound like you have a lovely month planned. I so love your happy outlook on life and the plans that you have set out. I feel refreshed when I read your blog. Have a great day!
    Handmade Cuties!

  15. i love that photo of the gate, im itching to open it, walk through and nosy around ;-D

    Gill x

  16. Ok, I will be honest. I am jealous. Jealous of your talk of shorts and flip flops, jealous of blossom and sun hats and even sun block. It's still cold here but I did hang washing on the line to dry today which was kind of nice. And the snow has melted, finally! I hope April lives up to all of these wonderful things for you! x

  17. Yes, I'm ready for spring, too. Love your beautiful photos. I'm visiting from the blog hop. Stop by and see me at www.pushingonarope.com


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