Friday, April 26, 2013

Life lately...

Chocolate daisies bloomed in the planter beds of the front yard.

Trumpet vine, with great suddenness, created a verdant canopy over the courtyard.

Fresh melon was devoured with abandon.

Pleasing arrangements were created while I emptied the hutch to dust the shelves.

Afternoons were whiled away with bubble-blowing.

Scholars were hard at work.

Cinnamon crumb-cake was baked and enjoyed (also with a fair amount of abandon).

Apples, not to be outdone, had their chance at baking too.

Teachers' gifts were completed with gratitude and appreciation.

Wild asters continued to sprout, convincing me that they aren't weeds.

We were blessed with a sky like this, day after day.


On Thursday morning, I did the shopping at Trader Joe's, as I do every week. I love shopping there; the people are nice and there's always a pleasant conversation to be had. This week, I was captivated by a little boy shopping with his mother. This little boy was about three years old; his mother said he was adopted from Ethiopia just a few weeks ago. He does not yet speak any English. He had an incredibly beautiful smile and he smiled all the time. The cashier gave him a strip of stickers, as the cashiers there usually do with small children. They happened to be scratch-and-sniff stickers so she showed him how to use them. He was so excited! He gave a great big belly laugh and kicked his feet and grinned from ear to ear. His happiness thrilled me.


The scene: our family room couch, late afternoon. My small Bears and I are listening to the radio while we look at wildlife magazines. Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" is playing.

LB: "This song reminds me of you, Mommy."
Me: "Oh, thanks, that's nice."
GB: "I hope you'll always be a woman, Mommy."
Me: "Um...that's the plan..."


Hello to my new readers and followers! Welcome to my little space. I'm so glad you're here.


  1. Oh now everything about this post has made me smile. I can just imagine the little boy's delight in Trader Joe's and as for your own little Bears - what a corker! Have a lovely weekend x Jane

  2. We are blessed to have such little treasures to make us smile- my little grandaughter Daisy is three and fills my life with cheer x

  3. Life is apparently pretty good lately:) Love it, I need to find some time to bake too, that crumb cake looks delightful! Children do make life delightful, great stories, thoroughly enjoyed and I look forward to reading more in the future. New follower from the blog hop.

  4. Lol awww... "I hope you'll always be a woman" oh the things kids say. Bubbles yea! I am looking forward to my girls first works of literature. The teachets gift looks fantastic!

    As always your photos are amazing!

  5. I hope you'll always be a woman, too! LOL!! You made some yummy stuff! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Lovely for the little boy enjoying the sticker and your son made me laugh with his comments lol.
    Yummy food and I am trying to NOT have any ☺
    Simple things can be such a pleasure and visiting here always is too.

    wendy in oz xo

  7. Children are endlessly entertaining, especially when they don't realise they've said something funny.

    Lovely photos. That cake looks good, and the melon too. That peek into the school book is precious and I liked your story about the boy in the supermarket very much. x

  8. It's hard not to smile when you hear a child laugh. Love the stick insects, they made me smile too :) xx

  9. Hahahaha

    The crumb cake and baked apples look delicious! Now I know what I want for breakfast.

  10. I laughed over your son's comment! Ha!

    And you are so lucky to live near a Trader Joe's. There is one in Spokane, where my mom lives, and I make a Trader Joe's run every time I visit her. I really wish they would expand up into Canada.

  11. Oooh how lovely are those chocolate daisies, I have never seen those before. There is something very beautiful about children's writing and illustrations, I love it! The things kids say are so funny, that really made me laugh! :) I bet you struggled to keep a straight face. :)

  12. Oh your little bear got a big laugh out of me. How cute! Oh that melon looks good. I have not seen any that were ripe yet. I am still eating the boring winter fruit but soon I think the good stuff will be available in the sticks here too.

  13. What a lovely week you're having. Oh I love Trader Joes, I used to visit one when I stayed with friends in California. It's a shame they haven't expanded across the pond!

  14. I'm so jealous of your blue skies right now! I've never tried baked apples before, yum! Love the colourfulness of your posts. I've never heard of chocolate daisies before!

  15. Lovely photos . I love Melon <3 Give me some? ;)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  16. What a wonderful post! The last bits really made me smile - and then outright laugh!!


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