Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It's rough going in the Thistlebear home at the moment. Both small Bears are sick with some sort of virus. It offers such delights as fever, sore throat, headaches and body aches and general lethargy. A trip was made to the pediatrician's office; it's just one of those "bugs" and nothing can be done. Ibuprofen, rest and fluids for all.

Currently, they are both resting in their respective beds; the GB does usually have an afternoon rest time but the LB stopped a long time ago. When an active seven-year-old boy gladly gets into bed in the middle of the day, you know there's something wrong.

I feel uneasy when my children are sick. Obviously, it's a lot of extra fuss and worry and care, but those things are not a problem. I don't mind the care itself. It's the sense of being still, unable to go about normal daily routines. Part of me likes being forced to stay at home but another part of me doesn't appreciate being forced.

Compounding my sense of unease is a negative turn in the weather. I know, I probably had it coming, what with my photos of azure skies and margaritas on the patio. Maybe you heard about this juggernaut, Winter Storm Walda; apparently it broke records in some places in the American West over the past few days.

Here in Albuquerque, there has been snow and rain for two days, which is actually quite pleasant. The snow did not accumulate at lower elevation, where I live, and the moisture is much needed. But the COLD! My goodness. My flip-flops are back in the closet for at least the next few days (cue the violins). And the blowing dust as the storm came in was a drag, especially because it rained mud at first and the cars were disgusting. But they're clean and shiny now. Wind-whipped rain can be good for something.

The photos above are cheering me this afternoon. I took them on Monday morning, at our local botanic garden, when the children were still healthy and the weather had not yet betrayed us. This is a frequent haunt for me and my small Bears; it's part of a larger attraction in our city called the BioPark, which encompasses the zoo, aquarium, gardens and other natural and historical sites. We have a family membership to the BioPark and we use it often.

Right now, the botanic garden is a riot of color and blossom, as all of the bulb plants are blooming in beds throughout the site. Potted plants like pansies are everywhere. Ornamental and fruit trees are flowering abundantly. It's almost too much to look at; you walk the meandering paths and your head begins to hurt with the sheer impact of it all.

We were there early, right after the morning watering cycle, and the scent was intoxicating. Cherry, apple and plum blossoms floated through the air. In the Japanese garden, the koi pond was alive with fish, swarming for food and splashing up from the water. In the Mediterranean gardens, located inside large greenhouses, succulents and desert plants were colorful and profuse. We stayed a couple of hours, until the potty called and bellies started to rumble for lunch.

I'm so glad we went. In a week or so, the blossoms will be off the trees and the tulips and daffodils will wilt and shed their petals. The pansies will continue to bloom through the summer, though, and I look forward to going back in a few weeks when the roses will be beginning to bud. I love having this beautiful attraction in my city; there is always something to see. It's pretty and peaceful.

I'm thinking about baking something this afternoon. I feel better about this kind of situation if I use the opportunity for baking. I will almost certainly find a little time for sewing as well. I have soup simmering in the slow-cooker for dinner. Maybe I'll bake cornbread to go with the soup. It's cold, gray and breezy outside. Perfect hunkering weather.


  1. Your images are beautiful. I hope your little ones start to bounce back soon and you don't come down with it. Good luck with your baking and I hope the sun comes back soon x

  2. What beautiful, uplifting photos. Sorry to hear the bears are poorly, I hope they are on the mend soon (and I am sure they will be after your homemade soup!) And what a shame about your weather, I hope the flip flops get to come out again soon! :o)

  3. What beautiful flower photos, I'm crocheting flowers at the moment and your pictures are lovely and inspiring.
    I hope you all feel better soon.

    Gerrie x

  4. Absolutely gorgeous photos. Hope everyone feels better soon.
    M xxx

  5. I hope your two little bears get well soon. I know just what you mean about the uneasy feeling that comes with sick kids. Even though I know it's just a virus, nothing serious, I hate the absence of normality and the strange atmosphere.

    Lovely photos - that botanic garden sounds idyllic. x

  6. Beautiful photos! Did I spot Bougainvilleas there? I haven't seen them since we left Zimbabwe! I hope your kiddies feel better soon x

  7. They are lovely flowers...and they always look better in the sunshine don't they? It is always upsetting when kids are sick. I hope they get well quickly and the sunshine comes back and you'll be out and about again soon.

  8. Your photos are so vibrant!

    Sorry your bears are sick. I know the only time V slows down is when she is sick. I hope they feel better soon.

    Baking would be ideal for chillier weather. My go to for cold weather and sick ones is homemade chicken noodle soup.

  9. I'm glad that the storm didn't hit you too hard! Here over the mountains in Colorado, it snowed for over 24 hours straight.

    Your photos are lovely! Revives all my crushed hopes of spring again.

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the kids being ill. We've also had an illness and it's taking forever to get over it. I hope the soup and cornbread turned out good!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. hope your children are better soon, lovely flower photos, I thought at first you were lucky enough to have these in your garden

  12. I love the flowers, and love your blog. The pictures have me excited for spring. Thanks for dropping in on my blog and I will surely be following this one. Hope the kiddies feel better soon.

  13. Hi Jennifer...
    The flowers are glorious...makes me ache for Spring even more...
    We are having freezing rain...from that same system you mentioned..
    Dinner sounds great...What time???
    Hope your kiddies are better soon...

    Linda :o)

  14. aww. hope they all feel better soon.

  15. I hope your household rids itself of the cold/flue bug that seems to be bogging down the little bears. I also hope the weather starts to regularly be gorgeous. It's so much easier to think happy thoughts and be cheerful when the sun is shining and warm, at least I think. It can't last much longer.

  16. So sorry to hear that your bears are poorly. May they be up and about soon, full of bounce and energy.

    Your photographs are stunning. As you know I am a sucker for anything botannical.

    Leanne xx

  17. I hope your little bears are feeling better. :) Your photos are beautiful, I love nature, and flowers.


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