Monday, May 6, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 18/52

Joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are my four happy photos from the past week.

We had breakfast-for-dinner one night during the week. It's always a hit around here. I made blueberry pancakes and turkey sausages. Breakfast is the small Bears' favorite meal so when they have the opportunity to eat it twice in one day, they always rejoice. I cooked the pancakes on an electric griddle given to me by my grandmother; I had admired hers once while visiting so she sent me one for myself. We have used it to death. The non-stick finish is wearing off so I have started spraying it with Pam. The Bear recently had to reattach one of the legs which had broken off. But we won't give it up until it's unusable; it's our go-to cookware for grilled cheese sandwiches, quesadillas, pancakes and French toast.

Oh, this boy. He had a guitar class performance this weekend to mark the end of the semester; he takes a class in the fundamentals of classical guitar. He has taken to the guitar so readily, it's a little scary. I'm very proud of him. At seven years old, he is teaching himself to play songs such as "Day Tripper" and "Sunshine of Your Love." I don't read music myself, but he is very good at it and when given sheet music, he easily figures out how to play the songs. Here, he is happily lazing in an armchair in the "green room" backstage before his class went on to perform. Not pictured is his friend David, age eight, sitting on a coffee table facing the LB. Every time I tried to get a nice photo of them together, they stuck out their tongues at me and grumbled. They "just wanna play," they said. Well, okay then, Mick and Keith. Try to keep the debauchery to a minimum, please.

There is so much to be said for a new magazine and a cup of tea in the afternoon. This time of year is kind of hectic, with all the school-year-ending activities and outdoor chores and general spring-fever behavior of two young kids. I had a little time to myself this week with my new issue of Sunset and a cup of Bigelow English Teatime and it was very restorative, plus it fueled my fantasies of camper life; someday I'm going to have one of those, I promise. It will have gingham curtains, lots of crocheted blankets, vintage tablecloths and tea-towels (as many as possible with strawberries on them) and a handmade quilt on the bed. There will be daisies in a glass on the table.

Saturday was Derby Day here in the US, a celebration of the Kentucky Derby horse race. We are not big into horse-racing, to be clear. But friends of ours have a Derby party every year and it's a really fun event. You're looking at my partially-drunk Mint Julep drink. Have you ever had one? It's so good. Kentucky bourbon, simple syrup and muddled mint leaves. Yum, yum, yum. The party was a blast, as always; the hosts set up a pool where the kids pick the horses at random (strips of paper with horse names in a bag) for their parents and everyone puts in $2.50 per pick. Then we watch the race (all two minutes of it) and the winner takes all. Our two horses, Giant Finish and Overanalyze, didn't even place. The winner of the Derby was a horse named Orb. The winner of our pool, an older fellow with grown daughters, told our hosts to put his winnings in their daughter's piggy bank. A good time was had by all.


I've been doing some blog-keeping tasks lately. My blog was looking a bit cluttered so I made some clickable buttons which I have placed above my GFC followers gadget. I'm a "no-reply" blogger for a few reasons, but I've recently figured out a way to work around it...long story short. I made an email address just for my blog and linked it with my email clicky button up there to make it possible for people to email me (it has a little envelope on it). So if you should ever wish to do that, please feel free to send me an email anytime.

I have also added a Pinterest button. I joined Pinterest this week (I know). It just seemed like another time-suck until recently, when I became aware that people were pinning my Giant Granny afghan; all of a sudden, page-views originating from Pinterest were trickling in. Curiosity (and vanity) got the best of me, and I decided maybe Pinterest was worth investigating if users were interested in something I made (um, really, me? I'm still surprised; it's a pretty heady experience to see your blanket on pinboards next to the likes of Lucy (Attic 24), Jacquie (Bunny Mummy) and Sandra (Cherry Heart). It's very flattering and it makes me proud of how far I've come). I have only just begun delving into Pinterest, but I have started pinning things here and there. I'm having fun with it so far. If you ever want to check me out, feel free to click my Pinterest button up there! 


Hello, new readers and followers! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you enjoy your visits to the Thistlebear home.


  1. I think I'm going to follow your lead on 52 weeks of happy and see if I can't make a concerted effort to find more happiness in our little world. I've always found it really challenging to live here in Scottsdale (or, Snottsdale as I have so affectionately re-named it), and it takes a really conscious effort to not continually dwell on the stuff I can't stand about it - rather, finding the simple things to make life a happy, meaningful existence. When I saw this on your blog the other day, I thought it might be just what I needed! Thanks for the inspiration, Jennifer!! :-)

  2. Lovely happy moments! And I have to say, those pancakes look amazing!

  3. Each image tells a story.. I like that. I have Pinterest and have some things up there, but every time I've tried to "pin" something lately, it doesn't work.. wonder why. Enjoy your week! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. A new mag to peruse always makes me happy :) Pancakes are looking gorgeous and very tasty. Ah Pinterest... a bottomless pit of wonderfulness :) xx

  5. Derby day sounds like fun! Blueberry pancakes are a big favourite in this house, that's for sure. What a treat to have two breakfasts! I think it's really cool that your son plays the guitar. :)

    1. PS I will check you out on pinterest! I joined a while back and love browsing all of the images, and it is lots of fun! I am still quite new to it though. :o)

  6. You blog looks great. Thanks for sharing another inspiring and happy week!
    Handmade Cuties

  7. I love your son's song choices!!!
    Perhaps he will be famous one day!
    I also love a new magazine...and a cuppa!!

    Linda :o)

  8. The blueberry pancakes looks delicious...always a favorite at our house! I just received this issue of Sunset magazine and it's so wonderful, too bad I don't live in the West!

  9. Jennifer, I may have to try that drink out! It looks delicious. Looks like you all have a very relaxing weekend. Great photos.

  10. Yummm I love those pancakes ...amazing.

    You may like the giveaway I have on at the moment, and if you share Elfin Trail says she will put you in the draw twice!
    Good luck!

  11. Family happiness is the best thing I belive dear Jennifer.I can't see your boy but I suspect that he is a very handsome and nice guy and singer!
    I have to try your drink, it's already hot here!

  12. I have the same griddle as you do, with the same non-stick finish wearing off. :-)

    I love your vision for your future camper/trailer.

    And enjoy having a musician in the family. Several of my kids played instruments, and as they got older (and better!) I used to love listening to them practice.

  13. I always looks forward to reading your blogs :) Your pictures are always so creative and literally tell a story. And, I must say... Those pancakes look delicious! YUMMY! :)

  14. Love the light on your photos. Thanks for dropping by at Three Stories High, I hope you enjoy tuning in. Jo x

  15. Such a lovely post.

    your week sounds perfect.

    And those pancakes....Yum!

  16. I keep finding and losing you, so I am adding your blog to my blog roll so that I can get to know you better! Thanks for your comment on my last post. My grandsons live on the East coast and are near the ages of your children. I especially appreciated what you shared several posts back about your difficult pregnancies. My experience with a miscarriage also had a profound effect on me...filling me with a deeper appreciation of life that continues to this day after being a foster parent for a few years, adopting two sons, and birthing two daughters. Life is precious :-)
    Joy to you and yours,

  17. I am not surprised that your afghan is on pinterst, it's wonderful! As is your blog. Your happy things this week are delightful. Breakfast for dinner, I want to do that!

    Despite repeated attempts to change it I am still a no-reply blogger which frustrates me greatly. I can't figure out how to change it. I will have to email you for advice, i think! xx


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