Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I hope that you are having a wonderful day with your families. If Mother's Day is difficult for you, I wish you peace and love today.

I'm having a lovely Mother's Day myself. My Bears went out this morning to buy bagels; our yearly tradition on Mother's Day is to have bagels with cream cheese, lox and tomato. This is one of my favorite breakfasts and the Bear has made sure I've gotten to eat it on every Mother's Day. I always have an "everything" bagel because that's my favorite type; I just can't choose between bagel flavors so I have all of them in one. The lox is the best part. It's such a decadent food and so delicious.

They gave me a truly wonderful gift. I was so happy to open this package, I can't even tell you. First, there was a card handmade by the LB, with a picture of pansies on the front. He made this at school; his teacher has a huge wooden planter filled with pansies outside the classroom and she clipped a few to bring inside for the children to draw. He said he liked the upper one better but I think they're both very nice.

My gift is the beautiful Winterwoods Sampler Kit from Alicia Paulson's shop, Rosy Little Things. I have been thinking about this kit for months, hoping to make a sampler for our dining room. I mentioned to the Bear that if he was ever in need of a gift idea for me, this was something I would reeeeeally enjoy receiving. It arrived in the mail during the week but he intercepted it before I could see it so I truly was surprised that he had ordered it. I can't wait to start working on it; I think it will be one of my summertime projects - cool and easy to work on, no big items covering me as I create.

It's going to be hung on a wall in the dining room which really needs something pretty. The dining and living rooms are L-shaped and open to one another, and there are decorations on the living room end of the wall but the dining room end is empty thus far. I plan to frame the sampler nicely and hang some other items with it in a grouping. I'm still deciding what to hang; it will be fun to work on that too.

The rest of the day will be quiet, spent at home together. We'll have more bagels for lunch; there's still lox to eat too. For dinner, we're planning to eat leftover Chinese food. The Bear and I had Chinese take-out last night for our weekly at-home "date" (I usually cook something quick on these nights but we felt like something different this week). We have a lot left so we'll all have it tonight. That makes me very happy; two nights in a row I don't have to make dinner! I love to cook but this is certainly a welcome break.

My mother really likes her scarf. I was glad to hear that. She also liked the card I made for her; I used matryoshka-bedecked washi tape and matryoshka, bird and daisy ink stamps. It had a peasant-y feel. We live far apart but I hope she is enjoying her Mother's Day as well.

I'll leave you with some motherly photos from our lives. I am thankful for my mother as well as my mother-in-law, who is an excellent role model for me as a mom. I am most thankful for the two small Bears who made me a mother, and continue to bring me joy every day.

The Bear and his brother with their mom and a pet bunny; the Bear is the little one on her lap, about age two.
Me and my mother, when I was around three months old. Note the afghans; I think my grandmother made them.

Me and my LB at four months old, visiting Balboa Park in San Diego.

Me and my GB at three months old, Christmastime at home.


  1. Happy mothers day to you. I'm so glad you're enjoying your day. And lovely photos! Thanks for sharing them.

    I'm so excited that you received the Winterwoods sampler. I did that about a year ago and enjoyed every stitch, it was a joy to sew. It's now hung in our dining room. x

  2. Happy mother's day Jennifer, what a lovely post! It sounds like you have had a beautiful day so far. The cross stitch sampler looks like fun, such a nice project for you to do over the summer! I love the baby photos and how cool that your grandmother used to make afghans too. Enjoy the rest of your day. :) x

  3. Wow, your husband knocked it out of the park on your gift! Sounds like a perfect day for you. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Happy Mother's Day Jennifer(in the UK we celebrate in March)
    It sounds as though you've had a perfect day so far.
    I love seeing old photographs, yours are just lovely : )

    Enjoy the rest of your day x

  5. Happy Mother's Day! It sounds like your family is truly giving you a day to enjoy and remember.

  6. Happy Mothers Day Jennifer....
    Loving the old photos...
    Enjoy the rest of your day...

    Linda :o)

  7. Adorable photos of you and your babies. Happy Mother's Day to you.

  8. Happy Mother's Day Jennifer. I love the photographs especially of you and the little bears. And the card was gorgeous!

    Leanne xx

  9. Happy Mothers Day! It sounds like you have had a wonderful day and what fantastic gifts and cards.
    M x

  10. This is such a sweet post and beautiful photos. I can't wait to see what you create with your gift! Cheers to a beautiful Mother's Day. xx

  11. Aww such sweetness in the photos ! Happy Mothers Day.

  12. Happy Mothers Day! Glad you had a lovely day:)

  13. I am smiling back at your smiling photos :-) I am glad you are having such a special day and am grateful I am as well. I hope you enjoy stitching your sampler!

  14. Beautiful pictures! I love Posie gets Cozy so much, what a lovely gift to receive one of Alicia's embroidery kits. Hoping to see some pictures of it on your blog when you start working on it. Glad to hear you had such a wonderful day.

  15. Happy mother's day lovely . It's so beautiful to see you guys there . Plus as always , I would say " I fell in love with all the pictures" :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place

  16. Such lovely photos. Hope you had a lovely day x


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