Thursday, May 23, 2013

Officially summer break

That's all she wrote. Summer vacation commences today. Or maybe it commenced around noon yesterday when we left the LB's school after his class's musical performance and potluck luncheon. Either way, it's a little hard to believe we've got another school year in the books. When did I go from a student myself, to a young teacher, to a mother of babies, to the mother of a child going into his third year of school? He'll be a second-grader in the fall. The GB will have her final year of preschool. Meanwhile, I'm now finding that my gray hairs are the first thing I notice when I look at my reflection in the car window. They really glimmer in the sun. Time is kicking my butt.

This week has been busy and pretty exhausting, truth be told. The GB finished her school year last week, so she has been home with me every day and not especially happy about it. She loves her little school and she already misses her friends. I will have to make plans with their mothers this summer. The LB has been hard at work with his class, getting ready for their musical performance. It was really enjoyable. They did a little show called "Every Day is Earth Day," and sang songs related to recycling, conservation and caring for the earth.

I had hoped to take nice photos and video of the performance, but the lighting in the multi-purpose room was poor. They did a great job, though. After the performance, we went back to the classroom to eat and watch a slideshow prepared by one of the mothers; that's the LB's photo above, in the spider mask. He wore it at school on Halloween. The school's theme for the year was "bugs"; everyone was asked to come dressed as some type of bug. For Christmas, he presented me with a beautiful punched-tin wall decoration with the same photo glued in the center, which they made in school; I hung it in the hall outside our bedroom and my spider-boy-Bear is the first thing I see when I leave our room each morning.

The GB and I spent some time wandering in the school's courtyard before the show started; we had some time to kill even though I carefully planned several errands for the time between dropping him off and the start of the show. I photographed some of the plants. I love the way the courtyard reflects our state's biomes as well as the changing seasons. We gazed at the goldfish too. The goldfish pond is iffy; the filtration system has to be solar-powered, as per the LEED certification our school proudly holds. It doesn't always work well. The fish seem perfectly happy, though.

Did you catch the yarn-bombed statue? That's the front end of a three-piece dragon statue made of cast concrete; the dragon is the school's mascot. Some girls from the upper grades yarn-bombed the dragon earlier this spring. I watched them work one morning when I arrived early for pick-up. It was thrilling to watch these children confidently knitting and crocheting in the sunshine.

At home, we're getting into our summer groove. Outdoor lunches - the small Bears sit at the kid-sized picnic table and I sit nearby on the patio. Wading-pool time in the afternoons - I sit with them, preferably out of splashing range, and read. This week, I've been reading this fantastic cookbook/memoir, LudoBites. If you like to read about renegade culinary types, I recommend it highly.

I've also been finishing up the teacher-gifting that I started weeks ago. I appreciate teachers so much and I want to do nice things to show them my appreciation. I've been making cards for them; my cards are not going to win any awards but I deeply enjoy breaking out my shoebox full of washi tape and stamping supplies. I earned some raised eyebrows this year by not agreeing to go in with other parents on communal spa-day gift certificates for teachers but that's okay with me. I believe gifts should be from the heart whenever possible and my heart wants to make things for others.

The Bear has been away for his work this week, off to Washington DC to meet with military and government people. I'm holding down the fort pretty well. We had our customary McDonald's dinner and we have little activities each day to stay busy until he comes back. Saturday is our eleventh wedding anniversary and we're planning an evening out sans enfants. I can hardly contain my excitement!


Thank you so much for your kind comments on my crocheted pillow cover. I am happy with it and glad it turned out as well as it did. I wasn't exactly sure what I was doing or whether it was going to work! I find so much fulfillment in my hobbies and it's really fun to share them with others through my blog, in such a helpful, supportive community.


  1. Happy anniversary for saturday : )

    I always love how your images turn out and
    you always seem so extremely busy. Schools don't break for Summer for another week here
    in Wales, though my daughter's at college and
    doing her exams already. So proud and yet still
    wondering where the years went.

    Have a great day

    Yvonne : )

    (formerly 'My Haunted Attic')

  2. Summer break already? That's so awesome. In our state (NY), it doesn't start until mid-June, but I've read other states which have warmer weather start earlier.

    And that's great you are making gifts for the teachers. The card is so cute, and I agree homemade means so much more.

  3. Yay for the summer break! You are so lucky to finish early. We have two weeks off after tomorrow, but then it's back to school until mid July! :( You can wind down a little bit now and enjoy spending more time with your small bears. Well done to LB for finishing his musical performance, I bet it was a delight to watch. Enjoy your summer and happy anniversary for Saturday! Enjoy your night without the children (although you will probably spend all night discussing them!) :)

  4. It's good to hear your summer has arrived for the kids.. I used to "live" for summer when I was young. When I saw the goldfish, I was wondering how hot their pond gets in the summer there! Enjoy your fun times ahead. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Jennifer,

    I ma alwys struck by how the school years fly by. I can hardly beleive I have a son about to leave secondary school, another about to start and one in pre-school. I don't have the grey hairs, but I do have the 'laughter/worry' lines!

    The little bears school looks like a lovely plce to go. I must show you the view from our primary school in St Ives. It is beautiful. The children of this town are very lucky.

    Leanne xx

  6. Olá! Tudo bem??
    Vim retribuir a sua visita no meu cantinho!
    Volte sempre!!!>>>Passe lá e pegue um selinho de agradecimento!

    Doce abraço e beijinhuxxx, Marie.

  7. Oh home for the summer...I remember it well!!
    Kudos to you on the homemade gifts...sooooo much nicer..:o)
    Happy Anniversary to you and the Bear...many more!!!

    Linda :o)

  8. The time rushes by so fast, hope your summer is just wonderful.
    Happy Anniversary for Saturday.
    Carol xx

  9. It's officially summer break here too. I love the stories and photos that you share. Time does fly by so quickly but you'll have lots of memories stored here on your blog. It'll be nice for you to come back to these posts and remember these experiences. May your summer be extra fun and special!
    Handmade Cuties

  10. The years fly too quick, I remember those summer hols with my kiddies now all
    almost over 30!!! Winter here but sunny and nice.

  11. Hi There,A happy post with lovely photos!!!Hope you have a great,happy and crafty summer holiday!!!Enjoy your anniversary!!!

  12. Great post Jennifer! And I think your card is lovely! Very cute. Handmade gifts are always the best~ I hope you enjoy this summer with your little ones.

  13. Awww...the freedom of summer break! It holds so many possibilities for memory making, and I am sure you and your bears will take full advantage of every moment.

  14. Like you I can hardly believe we are approaching the end of another school year, although we have another 6 weeks to go. Homemade gifts are always so well received, it's so nice of you to make something. s

  15. Lovely pics! I am following you now. Hope to see you at my place sometimes :)
    Have a great weekend!

  16. It's wonderful to hear that kids are yarn-bombing! The flowers are so beautiful! Your blog is my favourite place to visit at the weekends :) x

  17. A lovely posting- Sounds like you're enjoying yourselves- we have another 6 weeks to go at school- it seems a long way off! Enjoy your days :)


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