Friday, May 17, 2013

This week...and a winner!

Chartreuse daisies from the bargain floral cart at the grocery store, cheerful in a bright pink vase on my kitchen counter.

I'm working on a crocheted pillow cover. It isn't done, and the front is only draped over the pillow insert here, for effect. 

 I made mushroom risotto and it was really good.

I'm eating as much asparagus as humanly possible.

 Fruit salads are all the rage around here.

Leisurely afternoons in the backyard with two small Bears and their pool. And a funny, engaging new book from the library, Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir.

Dark skies most afternoons as storms roll through. This is summer in New Mexico. Sometimes we'll get a little rain, sometimes we'll get none. Sometimes we'll get a torrent with high winds. You just never know.


I have drawn a winner for my giveaway! I assigned a number to each comment on my giveaway post, then drew a number at random. The winner of my giveaway, and the proud new owner of a blue chevron scarf is Christine. Please message me with your address, Christine! I will send the scarf to you as soon as I can. Thanks to everyone who participated in my giveaway. My readers and followers are wonderful and I appreciate all of you very much.


  1. Congratulations to Christine, I'm sure she will love her beautiful scarf.
    Fabulous photos, the crochet cushion cover is lovely. I'd pass on the mushroom risotto but I'd fight you for the fruit salad!
    Have a lovely weekend, if you get rain I hope it is of the gentle type.
    Carol xx

  2. Your cushion looks really good! Well done! I hope you finish soon. :) I love finishing things! We have been eating asparagus too, I love it but it's so expensive here which is the downside. I am hoping one day to grow my own. Have a lovely weekend Jennifer. x

  3. Congratulations to Christine. Thank you for sharing another wonderful week. Your photos are lovely but that fruit salad looks very refreshing!
    Handmade Cuties

  4. Well done to Christine! I love risotto but I think I cold challenge you on the eating tonnes of asparagus front - can't get enough of the stuff! Jane x

  5. Lovely pictures - ranging from the delicate flower bouquet to the threatening storm.
    Have you ever roasted asparagus at 400 for up to 15 minutes, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea and pepper? That's my favorite way!

  6. I lived in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder, CO, for several years, and one of my favorite memories of that time is of the frequent afternoon thunderstorms that would sweep the air clean whether there was little or much rain.....which seems similar to your experience, Jennifer. I love seeing your iris and store daisies, and your yummy culinary adventures from vinegar cake to asparagus =) We have been devouring strawberries and my youngest daughter has pureed some and frozen them in ice cube trays to use in future recipes. Your current crochet project is beautiful! The shawl I am crocheting is getting bigger....honest!

  7. Love the look of your new crochet cushion so far...
    M x

  8. What lovely photos of a lovely week. mmm Asparagus, sounds good as does the fruit salad. Like you we get afternoon Thunderstorms regularly in the monsoon season and there's one going on as I write this- I love listening to the rain pelting down and the rolling thunder- But it doesn't make it easy to do anything without getting drenched! Hope you don't get too water logged!

  9. Your cushion looks so lovely, I like the colours! We have asparagus here too at the moment which we too are enjoying.
    Sarah x

  10. Once again, such beautiful images,
    and what a wonderful week you've had.

    I love the crochet cover you're creating
    and the throw on the bed looks lovely too.

    Thank you for sharing and bringing a
    smile to my face.

    Enjoy your day : )

  11. Lovely photos as always :) The crochet cushion is lovely. And big congratulations to Christine! xx

  12. I love asparagus too! Love the food photos :)

  13. I love the crochet cushion and blanket :D

  14. Yum, yum & yum! Love the crochet cushion and the blanket looks great x

  15. Ooh, I miss me some good mushroom risotto.

    As grayseasailor says, most days in Boulder start out beautifully sunny, then by three or four in the afternoon some storm clouds have rolled in. After an hour of rain, they move on and out comes the sun again. I'm always tickled by the utter regularity of it.

  16. Mushroom risotto - oh, yum. Trouble is John hates mushrooms or else I would cook that every week! And I've eaten my body weight in asparagus these last few weeks, can't get enough of the stuff. x


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