Monday, June 3, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 22/52

Joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are my four happies for the past week. This is also my 100th blog post! I'm having so much fun with blogging, the time has just flown by.

This weekend, I was slicing red and orange bell peppers for our dinner of chicken fajitas when I noticed how pretty they looked against my new green cutting mat. Beautiful foods make it easier to eat healthy, do you know what I mean?

I ordered this Pretty Green Bag for myself (I actually got it for half price by buying it from; it was the featured product on KidSteals recently). I really love the fabric; it's a departure from the colors I usually like. I almost always go for blue and purple tones. But I fell in love with the bright green pears and the plummy-brown background. I plan to use it for library books and other toting purposes.

I stopped at a yard sale on my way to Trader Joe's and found this little chicken milk pitcher. It only cost $1. I think it's adorable. I took it home and washed it, and it just called out to have flowers stuck inside it. I put in some of my mini red roses from the backyard and it looked very pretty on the buffet in our dining room.

Finally, I've been enjoying these two small people very much lately. They bicker and squabble, like any siblings. But they enjoy being together most of the time, and they have interesting conversations. This particular day, they were drying off in the sun after playing in their wading pool, sitting on a step off the side of the patio. They were discussing the animals we sometimes see in the backyard, the lizards and doves and squirrels. I heard her ask him if he'd seen the neighborhood's wandering cat lately. They sat there very nicely until they got too hot inside their towels and then we went inside to watch Arthur.


Another happy thing occurred, though I don't have a photo of it. On Sunday, inspired by this post on Jane's blog, Plain Jane, I rode my bicycle and actually liked it. The Bear gave me a beautiful royal-blue Schwinn two years ago for Mother's Day. It had been at least 15 years since I'd been on a bicycle and I really wanted to try it again; the LB had just learned to ride a bike at the time, and I wanted to be able to ride with him. The only problem was that I was terrified of the thing. Which was weird, since I'd loved riding as a kid, but I guess I'd been away too long. I put the bike away and only used it as an exercise bike, mounted on a brace in the garage. 

Recently, I'd been thinking of trying again and Jane's post gave me a little push on Saturday; it looked really nice to be able to cruise along the local roads on a bike, enjoying nice weather and getting good exercise at the same time. So on Sunday, when the Bear said he was taking the small Bears out for some biking, I decided to join them. The GB is just learning how to ride a two-wheeled bike; we have never used training wheels with our kids, just took the pedals off and let them learn to coast, which worked well for both. Now she's ready for pedals and is learning new skills. 

We rode to a bend at the top of our street, not really a cul-de-sac, but a wide-open paved area with only a few driveways opening onto it. There is plenty of room for the LB to zoom like a madman on his bike, while the GB and I can coast around a mostly-flat space, with a few little dips at the ends of driveways.The Bear helped her while I practiced. After an hour, we were both much more confident than we'd been when we started. I enjoyed it a lot and she was having fun too. We may be separated by thirty years in age, but we're both trying to master the same thing. Another bond with my little daughter. And the LB was very courteous of us both, hardly ever trying to run us off the road as he flew past at 47 miles per hour. We went home when it began to look like rain. It did rain, a little, for which we're grateful.


  1. Hi Jennifer,Such a lovely post!!I loved your cute biking story!!Sounds as though you have great family times!!!Have a great week!!!

  2. What lovely things you've enjoyed this week - I love hearing my girls (even though they're almost grown women now!) having their own conversations and enjoying their own bond. But as for you - well done for getting on your bike!! I only actually learned to swim about ten years ago as Little Sis was learning at school and I wanted to be able to take her as well - I was terrified but didn't want to show it so I kept going and was so proud when I could actually swim a length! Here's hoping you'll now be able to share a few more precious bike rides with your peeps x Jane

  3. Good for you to join your family bicycling! I'm scared of trying too.. but maybe one of these days I'll try again. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Such a lovely post. I am always moaned at because I don't cycle, the family really want me to so we can go on outings together! I am scared though. Maybe I will soon now the weather is better. I love the photo of your children, it reminds me of mine so much! It is wonderful when they are happy and content in each others company, and their conversations are such a delight to listen too! I know it cannot be like that all of the time, but when it is...perfect! Xx

  5. I can picture you all together on your bikes. Learning and sharing. And thank you for sharing it here.

    And I love the bag too!


  6. Lovely happy moments. I like your little chicken pitcher, so sweet. Sounds like you had a lovely time on your bike. I haven't ridden a bike since I was a child although my husband is a very keen mountain biker and mad on cycling in general really!
    M x

  7. Hello Jennifer - I love your new little 'rose vase', and your roses are such a beautiful rich colour!
    It was lovely to read about 'the biking family' and congratulations for getting over your apprehensions and giving it another try - I wish you all happy times, racing down country roads with the wind blowing in your hair!
    A big 'yeah' for reaching your 100th blog - well done!
    Joy x

  8. I always enjoy your weekly photos...
    Good for you on the biking...keep it up, girl!
    Great little thrifty buy!

    Linda :o)

  9. Hooray for bike riding and another week of happy! It's so wonderful to see siblings sit together and enjoy each other - I think it's just so sweet to watch and listen in.
    Smiles to you!
    Handmade Cuties

  10. I agree, beautiful foods sure do make it easier to eat healthy :) I enjoy using peppers, onion, and garlic in a few dishes. Looks like you all are enjoying a nice summer, that's always so nice.

  11. What a lovely lot of happiness. I too got on my bike for the first time in a while recently I'd lost my confidence but once I was up and running I was fine and it's so nice to zoom along in the lovely summer sun shine. Sarah x

  12. Your family bike ride sounds so nice! You know, just last night, John was looking at bikes for me on the internet. I want a really old school one like a Bobbin or Pashley. John loves to ride his bike but out kids are not keen, they would rather use their scooters. Only trouble is, it's very hilly round here! x

  13. Happy 100th blog post! :) This blog post was so enjoyable to read. I love the way you write, always puts a smile on my face. *hugs*

  14. I think it's wonderful that you are riding your bike! I need to give it another try, since I had a bad experience last year while riding with two of my grandchildren en. I zigged when I should have zagged, and fell off my bike. I didn't break anything, but I was bruised and banged up. I haven't gotten back on my bike since then. I guess it's time to get back on the horse -- I mean, on the bike!

  15. Do you know I can't ride a bike! I had a choice of a dog or a bike for a birthday gift, I chose the dog, never did get a bike.
    Happy 100th blog post.
    I do agree about colourful food, carrots find their way into a lot of our meals for just that reason.
    Carol xx


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