Friday, June 28, 2013

June: late(ly)

Hibiscuses are budding, with punctuality: July means hibiscuses in profusion, white with fuschia centers, as wide as dinner plates.

Roses, big and small, are on their second cycle of buds after a good pruning.

Baby dolls are mothered, intensely. Jewelry is donned with abandon.

Shasta daisies are turning their stoic faces to the sunshine.

Nigellissima has been pored over numerous times, sometimes with a cold glass of lemonade.

Spiced Pumpkin Bread, from America's Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook, was delicious with my afternoon tea.

Lavender is flowering in the front yard, bee-loud like Innisfree. If we ever get any rain (please), its scent will fill the yard.

A little boy is on another paper-airplane kick. He has an instructional book. I have discarded, bent-nosed paper airplanes in almost every room of the house.

Hair-grasses in the front yard are displaying their high-summer tresses, fine and golden in the sun.

Sedum blooms in the backyard, delicate mauve. Primroses bloom alongside, their bell-shaped flowers nodding in the breeze, forming a sea of faintly-moving pink in summer.


Google Reader is slated to disappear on July 1. I added a Bloglovin' button to my blog awhile back, along with a button for the RSS feed, if you don't already use something you prefer. I'm going to continue reading as many blogs as possible through my Blogger dashboard, which works well for me. I love Google Friend Connect and I hope it stays. I foresee confusion with the demise of Google Reader, so please act accordingly to keep abreast of my posts. I would miss you terribly if we lost touch.


  1. Beautiful photography as always. Have you taken a course, or are you self taught? :) You have an eye for photography!

  2. Your lately June photos are marvelous Jennifer!You must have a lovely garden.Enjoy!

  3. Really pretty photos - I love a simple daisy. Spiced pumpkin bread - sounds yummy with tea!

  4. I love your photos! What a great June you've had, full of colour and joy, that pumpkin looks delicious too. Nearly July, I hope it brings you just as much happiness. :))

  5. Awesome photos Jennifer...
    Please post the Hibiscus when blooming...
    I have not added the "bloglovin"...I read the blogs thru my sidebar, and my son..the computer guru...has assured me, it won't affect's hoping!!

    Have a great weekend...

    Linda :o)

  6. What a lovely June and fantastic photos.
    M x

  7. Great photos of your garden and kids ... love your descriptions too ;) Wendy

  8. Lovely photos and that pumpkin bread looks yummy, bit early for pumpkins just yet for us, but mine have plenty of flowers at the moment

  9. Beautiful photos! That spiced pumpkin bread looks especially delicious!

  10. Your photos are just lovely! The Nigellissima cookbook looks amazing... I am a huge fan. The pumpkin bread looks delicious and sounds like the perfect afternoon snack with tea. And your lavender is so pretty and I bet it smells amazing! I made lavender lemonade for my daughter's birthday and everyone loved it. If you are interested in trying it, I would be happy to share my recipe.

  11. Beautiful pics once again Jennifer - I've really enjoyed reading your post - a lovely June!
    Joy x

  12. Lovely photos, I especially like the one of the grass, the light is stunning.

  13. Very nice pictures! Isn't lavender a treat to have in the garden? I have many lavender bushes here, and I will miss them once we move. Happily, there is one bush at our new home and I hope to put in more.

    Are you suffering from the heat wave? It is due to arrive here tomorrow, with a high of 40C (105F) forecast for Tuesday.

  14. Love your collage of photos and words. Beautiful.
    Jill @ Blue Plate Sundays

  15. Lovely photos. I love the one of your daughter in particular.

    Leanne xx

  16. Hi Jennifer,A lovely post with lovely home-e pics!!!Love the dolly and plane pics!!!I so wish my kids were still small!!!This is such a lovely girly stage they go through!!!Have a great day and I hope you get rain soon!!!!

  17. Such lovely photos Jennifer, and that one of the hairgrass is really beautiful. I'd love to know what you thought of Nigellisima? My friend very kindly bought me a signed copy last year but I've yet to cook a single thing from it, which is very unlike me as her recipe books are my most-used. x

  18. I love the photo of those roses, just beautiful.


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