Monday, July 8, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 27/52

Joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are my four photos of happy for the past week.

Right on cue, our hibiscuses began to bloom this week. This always happens during the first week of July. They will bloom for the whole month. We have about five plants and they all have the same flowers. The flowers are big, probably 9 inches in diameter. Caring for them is basically effortless. Our hibiscuses are one of the best things about summer.

I really enjoyed making pizza dough from scratch this week. I make it with half white flour and half whole-wheat (which we grind ourselves from whole grains, using our Wondermill Junior). I use a recipe I found years ago on SparkPeople; it's healthy, and for a partially whole-wheat dough, it's soft and easy to work with and makes a not-too-chewy crust.

All that grinding and kneading results in a tasty pizza. We almost always have the same toppings on our pizza, whether we make it or buy it: mushrooms and black olives. We discovered we loved the same pizza toppings on our first date. We had cold drinks with our pizza - Woodchuck raspberry cider for me and some sort of IPA for him. Milk for the little folks.

The boy practices piano in early morning light. His guitar book and music stand behind him were left out from the night before. He and his sister both seem to have natural talent with music, and lots of interest in it. They get it from their father. My home is filled with music as long as there are people awake.


  1. Your homemade pizza looks delicious! And, I love the hibiscus - it's so pretty when they are in bloom. Our home is filled with music from the wii game but wish I could get my kids to practice on their "real" piano!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Handmade Cuties

  2. I love how your children like music. We are not musical at all in this family, which means we cannot pass anything on to the kids. I bought a guitar for my little boy, hoping he would learn to play. Maybe when he is a little older? I wish i could teach him. The pizza looks delicious! We have been making lots lately to cut down on cash, I freeze half the dough so it's a quick and easy meal for in the week when I am working. I am so impressed your little ones like black olives!!

  3. Oh yummy homemade pizza!
    The hibiscus flower is beautiful.
    Hope you have a lovely sunny week x

  4. Oh Jen I love hearing music filtering through the house - it used to be piano, guitar or ukelele but now Big Sis has gone it tends to be piano and singing from Little Sis. One of life's simple pleasures x Jane (P.S. that pizza looks fab - fancy grinding your own flour!)

  5. Beautiful Hibiscus!
    Delicious Pizza!
    Talented children!
    You certainly have it all, Jennifer!

    Linda :o)

  6. Oh Jennifer, your pizza looks fantastic - well done on all the preparation and following the healthy path!
    That is one magnificent hibiscus flower - I haven't seen one so white, it really shows off the centre so well - majestic don't you think?
    I love that your children are into making their own music - it's such a wonderful skill that they will always have!
    I hope your family week is fantastic!
    Joy x

  7. Your pizza looks great. We made pizzas a few nights ago and it went down really well. I'd have mushrooms on pizza every time but John doesn't like them it's one of his few failings. What a gorgeous hibiscus flower. It's lovely that your kids are musical. My sisters and I all learnt piano as children but I stopped playing as a teenager. I still regret it. xx

  8. Your pizza recipe looks yummy! While my kids were growing up I found a recipe for "California Pizza" which used Italian herbs and slices of tomato sprinkled with cheeses, olives, green peppers, and mushrooms, instead of sauce. Fresh garden tomatoes are especially good! So glad you are enjoying beautiful flowers and the sound of music in your home as well, Jennifer. Driving back from CA I was able to stop at the home of a dear 84 year old friend who has two grand pianos and an organ in her little living room. She treated me to an impromptu piano recital that was both fun and beautiful and brought tears to my eyes because I so appreciated her years of disciplined practice that produced delightful sounds. Amazing!!!

  9. Yum! Your pizza looks great! We have used several different recipes for pizza dough, and I think we have finally found one we will stick with. :) I actually found it on accident, and we went ahead and tweaked it a little.
    Awe, that's wonderful that you all enjoy music in your home. When I was pregnant with our daughter I always played music, I had something called lullabelly. (A safe-prenatal music belt) I loved it! Now we enjoying singing, dancing, and playing music. I have a violin I hope to pass down to her. Great post, and lovely pictures.

  10. That's a beautiful picture of the flower. Love that the kids enjoy music. My toddler loves music as well but I think she just loves being loud. :) Thanks for sharing your photos with us. :)

  11. Hi Jennifer,Love the color of your hibiscus!!!Here they seem to be mostly pink or red!!!Yummy pizza!!!Interesting flour mix for your dough!!!I have never tried that before!!!Mmmm,I think I will try that next time!!!Music in the house = happiness!!!Sooo, have a happy week!!!

  12. Gorgeous pictures, what a pretty bloom and that pizza looks scrummy ... here's to another week of happiness ~ Sarah x

  13. Looks like another great week.

  14. Hi Jennifer,

    Love your happies this week. The Hibiscus just oozes Summer doesn't it? I love music in the house, especially the Piano, although we moved the drums to the shed :-) Mel x

  15. I love making pizza dough from scratch, it is so good! Looks like a great week :)

  16. Lovely pictures! Your pizza dough sounds great, we make our own too with mix of whole wheat, and your son at the piano, adorable!

  17. Oh how wonderful!! My children haven't learnt any instruments yet but I would so love them to. It's part of the curriculum next year for my little girl and she can choose between clarinet, guitar or cello. I'm hoping she chooses one of the latter two!!! Great things to be happy about! J9 x

  18. Lovely Jennifer! I had no idea that hibiscus were so big, or kept blooming for a whole month. No wonder they are one of your favourite things about summer.

    Enjoy every moment of listening to your children make music. The only thing I have been sad about having to part with in our upcoming move was the piano my kids played on for all those years. There just isn't going to be room for it in our new home.

  19. That looks like a wonderful week!! I especially like the piano practice shot. Wish we had a little of that to go around in our house. :-)

    Have a happy week!


  20. That pizza looks yummy, so nice to have a mouth full of music food for the soul. I love reading these happy posts.
    Clare x

  21. Oh.. could you share the pizza dough recipe? I have one that works, but would like to try yours. My favorite pizza toppings are fresh mushrooms, black olives and Italian sausage. Close to yours! I'm off to the dentist.. ugh. You're so lucky to have musical children! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  22. Pizza dough! I've never made my own before, so I'd love if you share that. =0) My oldest daughter played flute for a little bit, and now she's wanting to learn guitar. It's great that they like it so much.

  23. Such beautiful images.
    The pizza looks delicious.
    I love that your little ones are musical.
    You are a perfect family x

  24. What great pictures, what lovely happies, what a great week:)

  25. What a lovely week! Hibiscuses is one of my favorite flowers... they are gorgeous and very tropical! The pizza looks delicious! I love the Woodchuck cider beer! It's always been a favorite of mine. You are very lucky to have musical children. My daughter wants to learn to play an instrument this year... this makes me very happy!

  26. Oh, yum, that looks delicious! I love making homemade breads but not during the summer, plus we steer away from most bread sources. I'll weaken in the late Fall and during all the holidays!

  27. Everything looks so lovely! I always have pineapple on my pizza... :)


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