Monday, August 12, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 32/52

Joining in with Jen at little birdie, here are four happy photos from the past week.

I treated myself and the small Bears to slushes from Sonic. We like to go during the afternoon Happy Hour, when the drinks are half-price. I think this has already been a weekly happy for me, back in the spring. We don't have them often, but they're so good. I had cherry this time, as did the GB. Her brother chose lime. They're so funny when they drink them; a small one lasts a couple of hours because they sip it so slowly - unlike their mother, who gives herself severe brain-freeze every time!

Do you ever feel like you might have too many books on the go? Reading is one of my passions and I've got a pile of books right now. I'll read just about anything, but I especially love the real and true: memoir, biography, how-to, history. Of course, I always enjoy a good novel too. This is my current bedside stack. The crochet book on top is the only one I own, the others are library books. I am particularly enjoying Milk: The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages, by Anne Mendelson. It's a very interesting book and the information is indeed surprising.

I tried a new pizza recipe and it was a smashing success. I'd been looking for a pan-type dough recipe for awhile and was happy to see one published by America's Test Kitchen this spring. I should have acted faster because they soon ended the free access. But I did find a handy blog post where it was discussed. It was not nearly as healthy as my normal homemade pizza, but it was totally delicious. I used jarred sauce and we had our usual mushrooms and black olives. I added some torn fresh basil upon removing the pizza from the oven. There was lots of pizza, enough for dinner and lunch the next day!

These two fellas always make me proud. Here, they are quietly working together as the Bear helps the LB learn to solder computer parts. He's a very patient father and the LB worships him. They are so much alike, in looks as well as personality and interests, and I enjoy watching their relationship grow and change over time.


I read this blog post by Ginny at Small Things over the weekend, about "perfect lives" in blogging, and wanted to share. It's beautifully written and very profound. I think it's important reading for everyone who reads or creates blogs.


  1. Snuggled in one of your lovely crochet blankets with your special drink, eating a slice of that pizza and reading one of your books, that sounds like a plan to me!

  2. Slushes from Sonics, yum! We just recently tried the blue powereade slush. My husband loved it. Great pictures Jennifer. Happy to hear that your pizza turned out great. Looks like you all had a lovely weekend.

  3. Lots of reasons to be happy. I especially like the father and son photo so lovely working together x

  4. nice blogg..:)

    darling follow you!!!

    pls follow me:33

  5. A lovely week of happy post.
    Clare x

  6. Jennifer,

    I remember your Sonic slush from the Spring too!! I am like you with the stack of books by the bedside. This evening I start a new novel. I love the anticipation of snuggling into bed and turning that first page. And that pizza yum.

    But my favourite is the beautiful shot of your husband and son. Gorgeous. I can picture your face as you watched those two absorbed in their joint activity.

    Leanne xx

  7. Love the photos of your husband and your little one, nothing makes you fall back in love with your husband more than when he shows what a great Father he is. Love the blog post you recommended, life is not always beautiful pictures is it?
    Hugs to you,

  8. I get brain freeze too from slush drinks!
    I've also got a big pile of books at the side of my bed waiting to be read.I tend to get them at boot sales in summer and they keep me going all through the winter.

  9. What a yummy post , my fav pizza.
    Your bears working together , so wonderfully heart warming.

  10. You have captured a great photo of your little boy and his father, Jennifer, hard at work. I am impressed they are soldering computer parts! Your pizza looks so good, I don't think my kids would ever eat the olives though, they have never liked them but we should have started when they were younger. I know what you mean about having lots of books on the go, there are so many great books out there. Have a great week.x

  11. I've never tried a sonic slush but I bet my kids would love them. Thanks for sharing your beautiful weekend. I love the photo of your husband and son working together. Have a wonderful day!

  12. I did read the other blog...and her words are soooo true...
    We all paint a beautiful picture of our lives...
    But..we are all human...and sometimes fail...but...who wants to read sad stuff???
    Love the pic of your son and husband...worth a million$$$$...
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Linda :o)

  13. Hi Jennifer
    Perfectly peachy happy moments, gorgeous photo of LB and his dad, special bonding time is precious. I had to smile at your brain freeze, i would also be the same xox Penny

  14. That a really lovely photo of your husband and son together - what a lot of love there is there.

    Thanks for sharing the link to Ginny's post. I don't know her blog but I liked what she said about sharing the positives. x

  15. Your pizza look so good, but I really like the photo of father and son best.

  16. I could go for a cold, slushe right now... it's so hot today! Your pizza looks delicious! That's exactly what we had for dinner tonight with a glass of red wine. Love the photo of you husband and son working together! I love to watch my husband and daughter together. He is such a wonderful father to our daughter.... so thankful for the both of them!

  17. Your happy makes me want to move in :)
    I mean pizza... cranberry slush (my fave) and books?? Awesome!
    Interesting you're reading about milk.... I love milk. It can be dangerous or it can be good... I can't wait to hear about what you report!
    Tammy x

  18. Lovely post Jennifer such special happies. I follow Ginny's blog and also found her post very moving. Hope you have a good week x

  19. Oh my word that pizza looks good! It's 8.30 in the morning here and now all I can think about it pizza! Beautiful image of your boy at work too, I love seeing my husband and son together. Great happy things Jennifer. x

  20. Hi Jennifer, Love the pizza!!!It looks absolutely yummy!!!!Also love the father & son Photo!!!Very special!!!Have a fab week!!

  21. Such a happy post. The pizza looks delish, I love mushrooms on my pizza but the rest of the family don't. That's a wonderful photo of your husband and son together, just look at the concentration on your son's face.

  22. The pizza looks heavenly to me. I used to make homemade pizza. I enjoy readying, however I haven't been to lately. Such a beautiful photo of her loved ones working side by side. Enjoy your week. I am happily your newest follower, Linda

  23. Your pizza looks so good! Homemade is the best :)

  24. I love this post, you, I'm a bookworm. I read The Language of Flowers a little while ago and loved it! Hope you like it, too. The pizza looks delicious. I've printed the recipe. Love the picture of your hubby and son and how your hubby is patiently teaching your little guy. Beautiful. And...I read Ginny's blog post. Wow, that was powerful. Thank you for sharing.

  25. Your pizza looks so delicious. I love homemade pizza and we have it quite often. I really like the last photo too, it's so lovely.
    Marianne x

  26. Pizza is one of my favorite foods and yours looks so yummy! I need to find more time to read, I really miss it. Sweet photos!


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