Monday, September 2, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 35/52

Joining in with Jen, here are four happy photos from the past week.

This school year, I have Monday mornings alone with the LB while his sister is at preschool. I haven't had much time alone with him since his sister was born. I'm very much enjoying the opportunity. This week, we decided to bake peanut butter cookies together, which was a lot of fun. He loves to cook and bake, and he is eager to help me with every step. He loves to measure the ingredients. Our cookies were really good!

The GB is back to ballet class, as of this past week. She has moved up a level, from the youngest class to the next one up in age. She loves dancing so much and was practically bursting with excitement over going back. She has many friends in her class and it's adorable to see them together. Each has her own dance style and none seems to have any inhibition at all, which is wonderful. It makes me want to be four or five years old again myself.

I made basil pesto from scratch, using leaves from our backyard basil plant, which hasn't been very healthy this summer. I think the early-summer heat and dryness - the parched, oven-like atmosphere of June - set the stage for bad growth. I didn't have enough basil, so the pesto isn't quite as green as it should be. But it was very tasty and the whole family loved it with spaghetti.

Surprisingly, our honeysuckle has begun to bloom again. It bloomed nicely in May and June and then seemed to go dormant. I think the rains during the monsoon perked it up again. I absolutely love honeysuckle. We have a large growth of it along the side of the house, climbing the fence between us and the neighbor next door. It's close to the sliding doors off our breakfast nook. When the door is open, the whole room smells like honeysuckle.


Hello and welcome, new readers and followers! I'm so glad you're here. Thank you for visiting my blog. Thanks to all the rest of you lovelies for your continued sweetness.

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  1. I love to see boys in the kitchen cooking, my boys loved baking as much as Hannah does
    ... mind you Andy loves to lick and taste everything too!! :) Does the raw egg in the mixture freak you out when the kids want to lick it?? I always worry about it but we all lick the spoons!
    That Pesto looks yummy.... I bet your so proud of your little princess!
    I hope you had a nice holiday weekend, have a great week!
    Tammy x

  2. Hi Jennifer,Kids in the kitchen is just such a pleasure!!!Their enjoyment of the simple steps of baking is really a joy!!!They bring back the fun of it!!!Have a great week!!!

  3. Lovely photo of your little boy baking, mine always enjoyed it when they were younger, but prefer just to eat it now! I wish I could smell that honeysuckle. Have a good week Jennifer. Julie x

  4. Lovely photos! Isnt it lovely how all the world over children love to be involved in baking? My youngest granddaughter and Tony baked the other weekend and she loved it.

  5. Baking is such a good idea for spending time with a friend!

  6. How great that your honeysuckle is blooming again, it is a nice treat when other things are finishing to find something just starting again isn't it. Cookie baking sounds like great fun. The only trouble with blogging is all the lovely food that makes me so hungry! Have a great week.

  7. We seem to have similar garden experiences even though we're in very different parts of the world! My basil withered early, and my honeysuckle has come back to life with some pretty blooms for the second time this summer! I love cooking with the kids, and I, too, cherish the one-on-one time with my eldest. Thank you for this post and have a lovely day! Chrissie x

  8. Love the photos of the LB baking, he looks really happy. My Miss M adores baking too. How sweet that the GB enjoys her ballet so much. Wishing you a very lovely week.
    Marianne x

  9. I love the scent of honeysuckle, how lovely to have it bloom again. I always wanted Eleanor to carry on with her ballet. She used to go to classes when she was very small but soon got fed up with it, she wishes she'd carried it on now.

  10. Lovely things to be thankful for. I love honeysuckle, how cool you are getting your second round of blooms.

  11. What a nice way to spend your one-on-one time with LB - in the kitchen - the place where he became an expert at measuring and can enjoy the satisfaction of a job done well. My happiest moments now are making cookies with the grandkids, the three oldest ones all gathered around the counter, while we take turns mixing and measuring. I think they'd be envious of LB getting to do it all!
    I'm sure LB can handle cracking eggs too, but my proudest moment is watching the 5 year old boys "surgically" open them without a stray shell in the bowl!

  12. How lovely to get some one-on-one time! I took my little boy out to the shops on his own the other day, it was just so nice to talk on the journey over with no distractions, it made me realise that we need to do this more often and something we should build into our schedule. :) Ballet shoes are the most adorable things, I can't wait for our classes to start back too! And the scent of honeysuckle is beautiful. I have been trying to grow some outside, on the patio, but it is just not growing at all - maybe next year. :) Very happy photos this week, Jennifer!

  13. I think spending time with your children individually is so special, lovely happy things here! :) x

  14. It is so special to regain a little time with your first born when you can and I know that I also really enjoying doing baking with my son when his sister is not around. I think they get so much from it. There is something special about home made pesto, I know we use to make it back in the day when I was still eating dairy. Some lovely photo's. Wishing you a very happy week Jennifer xoxo

  15. How lovely to have some time with your little bear. I don't seem to get any with either Alf or Sam these days. Ho hum.

    Lovely happies. As always.

    Leanne xx

  16. What lovely pictures! Children in the kitchen helping is a wonderful thing. My daughter loves to pull up a stool, and get hands on with making food. (Even if it's making a tiny mess) hehe
    I love how your Girl bear loves dancing. I think it's lovely. I'm thinking we will eventually put our little one in dance. She loves twirling in her tutu. :)
    Great post!

  17. How nice that you'll have some one on one time with the LB. Eldest children miss out on that time so often. Baking cookies is an excellent thing to do together! I liked the way you wrote about the GB's dance classes. x

  18. Basil seems to be notorious the world over for just suddenly dying off - we had the best crop this year then .... boom ..... it's gone! I also love honeysuckle Jennifer, it's such a gentle sweet plant!
    A lovely post again and so nice that you and LB had such valuable time together - so important this one-to-one isn't it!
    Joy x

  19. I always enjoy your Monday posts!
    and the previous post about September was fabulous!
    I certainly love your part of the country!!
    Enjoy your week....

    Linda :o)

  20. Always good to have one-on-one time with your children.
    I made basil pesto a few weeks ago; now my basil has grown a lot again, so I'm making more pesto this week. I have a feeling it'll be my last batch for the season. Boo-hoo!

  21. You're such a great mom! :) If only all mothers baked with their children. Lovely pictures as always!

  22. My son loves to bake too ... his sister not at all. We often make cookies and muffins together. Have a great week! Wendy x

  23. I love to bake cookies with my daughter! I know you enjoyed some one on one time with your son in the kitchen. I love that your daughter takes ballet. I want to get Charlotte involved in that soon! And your homemade pesto look delicious! I love pesto, and this reminds me that I need to use up some of my basil and make some.

  24. Hi Jennifer
    Thanks for your comment about my blankets. Loving your happy moments. Baking is a big thing in our house, Alice loves it! She has also done ballet sine she was 5 years old and now at almost 13 she is hoping to do her grade 5 exams in November. She always takes part in her dance school show every year and its a joy to watch. Hope you have a great rest of the week xox Penny

  25. How sweet...spending time with your son. baking is fun with the kids, especially in the Fall. I took ballet when I was a little girl. The pesto must have been fabulous. I grew some basil, but I have yet to try to make pesto. xo Linda

  26. Baking with the kids is always such a treat.


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