Monday, September 16, 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 37/52

Joining in with Jen, here are four happy photos from the past week.

I bought a new candle this week. The scent is Spiced Pumpkin and it smells so good. I got it at my mecca, HomeGoods. I had a lovely, quiet morning while the small Bears were in school, and I spent it well: first, reading at Starbucks while I drank a skinny hazelnut latte, then a brief pilgrimage to HomeGoods, followed by a more utilitarian Target run. I've been lighting my new candle in the evenings and enjoying the sight and scent while I read or crochet. It's a simple extravagance and it makes me really happy.

I also bought myself a new pair of shoes, on a different morning when I had my shoe-enthusiast GB with me. She helped me choose. These are Skechers "bikers" and I love them. They're so comfortable. They're like sneakers, but prettier. I almost bought them in a taupe color with a hint of pearly sparkle but then I decided that gray, while more bland, would be much more practical. I've been a Skechers devotee for a long time; they're slightly expensive but they're made well and they last for a long time so I think they're well worth the money.

It hasn't just been a spending spree around here. I'm happy to report that my chrysanthemums are blooming in the backyard. I have two yellow ones and they both have flowers opening now. Blooming mums are one of the surest signs of fall, aren't they? I've always liked mums; I was born in November and they are my birth-month flower.

We need the lights on for breakfast every day now, and often for dinner too, especially if it's cloudy. I really like having the lights on for meals. It's so cozy. I know that by February I'll be yearning for brighter mornings and will want to turn the lights off already but for now, I'm happy about it. Serving my small Bears their breakfast feels like arming them against the day, fortifying them for the rigors of life at five and about-to-be-eight.


Being mindful of the happies this week helped me a lot. This rainy weather was very stressful. I certainly didn't mind the hunkered-ness of the week - nay, I savored it. But the weather itself was worrisome. As it turns out, we have now officially had the rainiest September on record for our state, and the month is only half over. The statistics are rather alarming; at the airport (about 10 miles from our house), the official total for the period between Tuesday and Saturday is nearly four inches, which works out to more than one-third of our annual rainfall occurring in less than a week. Many parts of the state are flooded and people have been evacuated from their homes. But this is nothing compared to what people are going through in Colorado. The Bear was born and raised in a small rural town in the northern part of that state; he watched sadly on Friday as his hometown was shown on the news, submerged under many feet of water. A dam had broken, flooding the area and destroying roads and other infrastructure. He no longer has family living there, thankfully, but we do have friends there. I hope the rain stops soon there, but it looks like it will continue for a few more days. I'm very thankful not to be dealing with such a disaster here, but I feel very sad for those affected.


Hello and welcome, new readers and followers! I'm so glad you're here. I hope you enjoy visiting the Thistlebear home.


  1. Your week sounds lovely and I am glad you concentrated on the beauty of it. Those poor people in Colorado, there is so much sad devastation there.

  2. So sorry to hear the horrible news about Bear's hometown, I hope that all of his friends and family are safe and well. We will keep them in our thoughts. It is very frightening when it will not stop raining as it can cause so much damage.

    Still hoping that you are as dry as you can be and that you stay safe. Enjoy your candle and new shoes. The candle sounds lovely, and good to see your thoughts on Sketchers, I have often wondered about them, but not tried them. Perhaps now I will give them a ago.

    Stay safe and thinking of you. Amy xx

  3. Candles make me happy too - especially this time of year. I have those same shoes and love them!

  4. Wow! The rain has been bad. Hope it will dry up and not endanger any more lives. Loving the candle btw, hope it smells of autumn !

  5. Lovely shoes. It's always worth paying a little more for excellent quality. I treated myself to some scented candles a while ago, and I haven't lit one for ages. The thought of you crocheting with your candle lit has inspired me - I will light mine this evening. I know what you mean about that feeling when the lights first go in autumn. It does feel cosy. Sorry to hear about all the flooding. The weather seems much wilder over the past few years - we are always hearing that it's been the wettest, the hottest, the windiest etc.

  6. I'm a big candle fan too, I just love all the different scents and it feels so cosy to crochet by candlelight. I'm sorry to hear about the devastation the rain is causing. I hope your friends aren't affected.

  7. I think you are such a happy, peaceful mom because you take the time to do simple things for yourself just because you deserve them! Wish I had done that! I'd be chirping around, serving the kids all day long, urging daddy to join me, then we'd both flop on the couch at night feeling slightly exploited and totally exhausted - my own doing!
    One thing I have no regrets about is having my daughters come down to a pretty candle lit breakfast table in a dimmed room. They were sent out the door with warm, full tummies in a relaxed state of mind. You are doing the same thing with your cozy "lights-on" and I applaud you for it!

  8. Send me some rain Jennifer, it still feels the summer here!So cozy and friendy your home, I feel happy here!

  9. Candles have been lit here too - it so lifts the darker days.

    Nina x

  10. oh wow.. that is a lot of rain.. wishing you some dryer days..

  11. Thank you for sharing your 'happies'. It reminds me to be mindful during my day and take a deep breath when I need it. I adore your new shoes! It's totally something I would wear! Yes, the weather news is quite sad and I am grateful for our mild climate here. Be safe and cozy up.

  12. We have our candles going too, it definitely gives a more snuggly feeling to the darker evenings. I like the thought of a autumnal pumpkin smelling one. My sister lives on long island and likes to buy the Yankee candles too.
    I am so sorry to hear about all that rain, so miserable and so sorry about the damage and destruction the excess water is doing. I have to count my blessings when I hear how hard the weather patterns can be on some peoples lives. Take care and I hope the sun shines soon xox Penny

  13. Spiced pumpkin, I can just smell it now. :) I love burning candles, especially when it's rainy out. Your new shoes look very comfy! And I agree, having lights on during meals is very cozy. Enjoy your week.


  14. Lovely happy candle and shoes Jennifer and such a nice good start to the day for your sweet family!
    I too feel for the people of Colorado going through this devastation and hope all your friends are safe and well.
    We are supposed to be in Spring now - and yes, I know spring can be changeable - but SLEET thundering down for half the night - it's very strange what's going on with weather all over the world these days isn't it! Big changes!
    I wish you a good week Jennifer.
    Joy x

  15. Oh, I do so love your Monday posts, Jennifer...
    So soothing...calming...friendly!
    I think I bought the same candle!!!
    Homegoods here in Canada is called Homesense...and I too am addicted!!
    Love the new kickers....very comfy!!!

    Enjoy your week...

    Linda :o)

  16. Those poor people in Colorado.
    I love the sound of your candle and your shoes are great... they look so comfortable. Have a good week. Julie x

  17. Lovely moments from your week, love the look of your new shoes.

  18. Your candle sounds lovely, I love lighting candles and feeling all cosy in the evenings too.
    Marianne x

  19. Your week sounds somewhat cozy, even if the rain has felt never ending. I too enjoy these darker days with lower light and candles. The floods in Colorado is so devastating and it is so sad to hear and read about the loss that people now have to endure. My heart goes out to each and every one of them and I am sorry to hear that some of your friends would have been surrounded by this, hopefully they are all well. Wishing you a less rainy week with more happy moments xoxo

  20. Your candle looks lovely, and reminds me that fall is just right around the corner. And your new shoes are so cute and look very comfy. I also love your dining area... very pretty and cozy. I am glad to see your daughter sits in a booster seat. My daughter still likes to sit in her highchair.

  21. Yes Autumn is here, lights are on earlier, all looks very cosy over there! :) x

  22. hello
    nice momemts from your week.beautiful shoes. i love candles too.
    wish you a nice day,

  23. What nice, cosy happy things. That flooding in Colorado is awful, those poor people. Stay warm and dry! X

  24. What nice, cosy happy things. That flooding in Colorado is awful, those poor people. Stay warm and dry! X

  25. Very nice happy things this week! I love to have scented candles burning in the fall & winter, but I don't feel quite like I want them on yet. I'm holding off of fall things a little longer. Love your new shoes! I need a new pair of walking-around-town shoes as my current pair are really falling apart. Enjoy your week ... glad the rains have abated a bit. Wendy x

  26. The weather can do some terrible things, glad you are all ok, I love you're new sneakers.
    Clare x

  27. Jennifer,

    How cozy it must be with the sight and scent of that spiced pumpkin candle, glimmering in the night as you crochet or read. It doesn't take much to make us happy. Sipping on my own freshly brewed hazelnut infused cup of coffee every morning, accompanied with a homemade muffin or cinnamon toast, while I visit all my blogging buddies, is, for me, the perfect way to start my day. And, in anticipation of autumn rain, drizzling against the window pane, the routine will be refreshed!

    Enjoyed reading about your routine, which sounds fun and cozy, from my neck of the woods!


  28. I love pumpkin scented candles but can't use them anymore. My allergies have sky-rocketed as I've gotten older and any strong scents make me congested and sneezy. I love Skechers shoes, too. I have the same pair in light pink!

  29. Hello my friend... it's amazing how much rain you're getting... we in Oregon are famous for how much rain we get and we've been having fair weather.. with just a few days of drizzle over the last few days. It's supposed to dry out and be 80 by Thursday. Crazy stuff. I need a candle like that. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  30. Hi Jennifer, Rain is always welcome even when it's out of sorts!!!!Love your Happies!!!And your new shoes are great!!!They look very comfy!!!Have a happy week!!!

  31. I really hope the weather improves for you soon!! We have had such bad weather this week and every school run has been done in pouring down rain. Your new shoes look very comfortable indeed, I love them. I can imagine the delightful smell from that candle, such simple things can give us so much joy. You have made me want to start my knitting again tonight. :))

  32. I just love the Fall seasonal candles -- they smell so yummy! Cute shoes. I have some Sketchers tennis shoes that I use at the gym, but have never purchased the regular shoes. Hopefully, we will start to see some less hot weather and start to have some inkling of Fall.


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