Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday thoughts

I need to bring a plant-identification book to my kids' school because I want to figure out what this plant is. I wonder if I could just look it up on my phone.

I think of it as the "Laura Ashley Bramble" plant because I had bedding with similar leaves and berries once upon a time.

The chickens are making a racket in the backyard and there's a road-runner in the front chasing a lizard round and round a Russian sage. Birds, man.

I don't usually blog about my thoughts but I should do it more. It's not all homemaking and homeschooling every minute around here.

I've got new-clothes fever at the moment, like I do every fall, but I don't like anything. I tried one of those puffy vests, thinking they'd be good for keeping warm while having my arms free. I looked totally ridiculous.

I spent most of a day alone at home yesterday, doing laundry, sorting kids' fall clothes, baking brownies and watching movies. It was unbelievably restorative.

Somebody just tracked mud through on the carpet and I feel kind of irrational about it.

I wish I had candy.

I can't wait until it really feels like fall on a daily basis. I'm so tired of being hot.

It seems like blogging isn't so cool anymore. I worry that if I don't join Instagram, I'll be left behind. But I have no interest. And so many blogs are just trying to sell stuff now. Lately, I've been missing the old days.

I'll just keep on keeping on. I don't want to regret my time on the internet.

I have another birthday to celebrate/get through this week, and it will be fun, but I'm looking forward to finishing Birthday Season (barring my own in a couple of months).

I'm tempted to crochet some "boot cuffs" for myself, but I'm not sure I can justify bulkier ankles in the name of fashion.

One of the movies I watched yesterday had an unexpected sex scene and I think maybe I'm still too young for movie sex scenes.

I also watched two "Brat Pack" movies. Girls' clothes were so pretty then. I fully expected to wear lacy blouses and double-strands of pearls when I got to high school. I couldn't have been further from the mark.

I know a lot of angry people. Sometimes I think I might be "simple" because I can't see what there is to be so angry about. I feel like I'm missing something. But I also realize that optimism is a valuable gift. Thank goodness for optimism.

But maybe I'm also kind of simple too. That's not off the table.

Sometimes I worry that people only like me for what I can do for them. This is due to unfortunate experience. Optimism helps there too, because maybe they don't even realize that they're complete jerks.

I have to pick the last of the apples that I can reach and do something with them. I think I should try apple butter.

Cottage cheese mixed with apple butter is one of my favorite things to eat. Really, it's delicious and you should try it.

I think I'll go to the library tomorrow. I got a bagful of duds last time. Except for a Nigella cookbook that I don't think I'd read before. I read her cookbooks as if they're novels.

That's enough thinking for now...time to do something think-less, like cleaning the mud off the carpet.


  1. Hi Jennifer !
    Well, this is without a doubt a blogpost I really enjoyed to read !!! You really made me laugh - this was just pure, spontaneous, human thinking !
    And oh my you are so right - more and more blogs want to sell stuff. I just toss them out of my reading list :-) !
    So many people are angry (yep, same here in Belgium ! And you know what ? If that means I'm too simple or naive to be angry like them, hooray for that !).
    The desire for new clothes in fall must be universally contagious. And like you, I don't find what I want (gosh I wish I could sew !!!)
    I really need sugar at the moment. Diet says no. F#*$ the diet.
    And don't worry about not being on IG. It's boring and lacks the social interaction of blogging (my opinion, of course, and my experience with it... Can be different for others...)

    Please write more posts like this :-) !!!

  2. If you find out what that plant is do tell, such a pretty colour those berries.
    Very interesting to read your thoughts, many of which I share. Although the only road runner I've ever seen hangs out with Wile E Coyote.

  3. Autumn clothing seems to be on every ones agenda at the moment I have decided to recycle most of mine from last year and then add some classics when the sales start.
    It was a great read, reading your thoughts. I share a lot of them too. Have a great week.

  4. Dear Jennifer,

    I read your homeschooling post this afternoon, wished to return to comment this evening and now I found this post! Yay! Two for the price of one! Jesting aside, I simply had to tell you how touched I was by your kind words on my blog today. It is so reassuring to know that I am in such good company regarding my feelings about blogging. I think many of us wish for the day when there was only blogging with little other online social networking. I also know that each time I return here I leave feeling restored, a little more knowledgeable and a strong desire to get to know the person behind the blog.

    You're clearly a lovely person.

    The other day I bought some candy for the first time in weeks (not that many weeks) almost because I had been good for so long and that I deserved it. I ate it but didn't enjoy it as much as I could have. That's my interesting fact for the evening. :-)


  5. I'm not a gardening expert but I think that plant is a variety of Mahonia. I loved reading your thoughts, quite a few are similar to my own random musings :-)

  6. This post made me smile! There really are so many angry people around aren't there, I've met several this week - and it's starting to make me angry now!
    And I agree about Nigellas's books!

  7. Another thought-provoking post, Jennifer. I think I must be a simple person too. :o)

  8. There's a lot I can relate to in this post J! I live it when you just go with the flow! J x

  9. I loved reading your thoughts! I love optimism too and strive to think positive - maybe I'm simple too but that's ok.
    I've been thinking about blogs and the way they're changing too. I don't like it...

  10. I was thinking that plant looks like Oregon Grape, a variety of Mahonia as mentioned above. Yah the world is full of crumbums, gotta just shake your head and wonder what their problem is! I get new clothes r fever too in the fall not really any other time. Keep being an optimist its the best way to be!

  11. Hi Jennifer,

    I enjoyed reading your Sunday thoughts - Always lovely to see what you and your lovely family are up to.
    Like you, I have never bothered with Instagram or facebook - too many things take up my time now without more.
    As for the mud on the carpet - sounds like what my kids used to do - eventually they grow out of this.
    Happy new week

  12. Oh Jennifer.. we think alike a lot. I think it's a Mahonia which in Oregon they re-named it Oregon Grape and made it the state flower. Isn't that kind of schmucky?

    Now.. the part about the blogs that just want to sell something.. I'm astounded that such a high percentage of blogs now are so blatantly commercial! When I get bored sometimes I will click though one of my blog lister's blog lists and so many of those blogs are crammed FULL of advertisements that pop open in the middle of things, are all along the top and all down the side.. blinking and zoinking around.. some are without any original content or photos! Some just have someone else's photos that they've grabbed off of Pinterest, in fact not one of their photos are theirs. UGH! But thankfully there are honest, non-commercial blogs out there and those are who I have on my list. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get this off my chest.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. I really enjoyed your post today. It was very refreshing and so appropriate. I feel the same about the "selling" blogs. I love reading about your family and your activities too. I think I must be simple too.

  14. Loved everything! You had me chuckling at different points especially about the pearls! I so hear you on that one! And I am SO with you on the Instagram thing...I'm not on it and have no desire to be on it at all. Oh's kinda like those bootie shoes that are all the rave now. Some things are just better left the old way! I am not a bootie gal and I am not an Instagram gal either! You have an outstanding week friend! Nicole xo

  15. I loved the randomness of this post.... not thought out too much ahead, just writing things down as they popped into your head... a delicious ramble. I'm not on instagram... what is it anyway? Don't twitter, or do facebook, none of these sites. All I do is blog and email, and that's enough for this old bird. Enjoy your week. Did you find out what the plant was by the way? Because to my mind it looks like a Berberis Darwinii - and though I may sound knowledgeable, I only know this because we have one! And it looks like yours, a bit.

  16. Love your thoughts! :)
    I've just done some clothes shopping too, and almost want the weather to get colder so I can wear them!
    I registered for instagram, but really don't use it nor get on with it. I prefer blogs, but like you can't be doing with all the extra selling. Wishing you a happy week, and I hope the mud came out of the carpet! x

  17. I love that first picture! No idea what it is though :) You've got me thinking about the library now... might be a great idea for tomorrow!

  18. It was lovely to read your thoughts Jennifer, I like the posts that you "normally" do, but I liked this one too, perhaps you are right, you should do more posts like this one!! I hope that you got the mud out, I hate when things like that happen. I will be interested to know what those berries are too if you are able to identify them. xx

  19. I have lots of those same thoughts. I've never signed up for Instagram, or Facebook or Twitter. I'm happy blogging, but I know what you mean about the old days, I miss them too.

  20. Jennifer, such a good post, I've enjoyed hearing your thoughts. I know what you mean about the puffy vest thing, I always thought it would be nice to throw on jeans and a faded sweatshirt like girls in movies do so effortlessly, but honestly, I look dreadful in sweatshirts, they just don't suit me at all. I think there are plenty of people here in blogland who like you a lot for being you, and not for any less good reason. I am one of them. Have a good week, CJ xx

  21. Very thoughtful post Jennifer, I love how your mind works. Seems like I'm late to the party as usual, blogging isn't cool anymore just when I start :) I like that though, I never join things, watch films or read books that everyone goes on about. I'm stubborn, I do things in my own time. I'm on Instagram, I follow people who post photos of Cornwall as I do. I can't be doing with the ones that just post loads of photos of themselves doing the 'duck face' :)

  22. Such a great post you made me smile, oh and you make me want to go and which a Vintage brat pack movie. Pretty in Pink was my favourite.
    Clare x

  23. I LOVED this post Jennifer. I wish we could go for a coffee together. You know I'm on Instagram, and I have to tell you that it's fun but it's not a patch on blogging, it really isn't. You're not missing out and you wont be left behind. Just keep on being you because you're pretty amazing. x

  24. Really enjoyed your thoughts... and I'm with you on blogging v instagram. I like optimism, far better than anger xx

  25. Love the randomness of your thoughts in this post, it's very honest and down to earth. Hope the mud came out of the carpet.
    Anne xx

  26. I enjoyed reading through your various thoughts, Jennifer. I don't have time to read through all the comments, as I'm off to meet a friend for the day in a few minutes, so hopefully I'm not repeating something already said. The blogging world might be changing a bit - going through a sorting and sifting of sorts. But in the end, blogging is going to always be there for the group of us who like to do exactly what you have done in this post, and that is to put our thoughts into writing. Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. all have their place, but they will never be able to do what a blog does, which is to give the blogger a voice that isn't restricted to a certain number of characters, or mostly photos.

  27. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading this post. It feels real and true. Now you have got me singing 'Tis the gift to be simple....such a lovely Shaker piece.
    Wishing you a week filled with simple and quiet joy.

  28. Good honest thoughts. Wish I could visit you and eat brownies too x

  29. I loved this post Jennifer! I share some of your thoughts...
    Marianne x

  30. Loved reading your thoughts, Jennifer....I share some of them too :) I also think I remember that Laura Ashley fabric with the leaves and berries....I had curtains in it and used one to back a quilt eventually. I loved it!
    Happy week.
    Helen xox

  31. oh a post filled with random thoughts, my favourite type x it's why blogging is so much better than instagram!

  32. I'm with you about Instagram and in many other things (puffy vest is a no for me too). Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. x

  33. I love the honesty of your posts, I try and slip that into mine too. I have random thoughts all day some of them are like yours some aren't but we are all different and I really like that. Jo x

  34. Please don't ever stop blogging, it helps me enormously in my struggles to read that others struggle too. I went out the other day after years of not meeting old school friends. I am so different to them now, it was frankly quite dull. I wished I had cancelled. Everyone claiming life was great ,where they had been, what they did ,etc.We got down to discussing social media platforms. I don't have much to say I don't like all that stuff . I mentioned I blogged and loved it and they all say blogging is last year, its all about instagram.
    Im not going to lie I do instagram but not in the way they do .I 'll instagram a cake I 've baked or some jam I've made ,instagram is for the things I use my phone for when I cant be bothered to get my camera out for. That one night has further compounded I will never have much in common with them. They don't have children, so they really don't understand how important our children are to us , they don't craft, they all pay for things they need .I strive to make as much as I can.
    Jennifer, I came home and switch my laptop on and settled down to your blog. I feel like I visit a real friend, as you share the things that are important
    Thank you Jennifer , don't ever stop blogging

  35. I enjoyed reading your thoughts Jennifer, ignore those blogs that don't appeal to you there are so many good one's out there but don't stop blogging I enjoy reading your posts too much, always refreshing and down to earth. :)

  36. I know I don't blog as often as I would like, but I sure do like visiting your blog. So glad to hear you are not going anywhere. This is such a happy place to stop by. Thanks for being here!

  37. I know how hard it can be to write about some of your personal thoughts instead of homemaking, crafting, cooking, goings-on with kids, etc. I hope it felt good to you to express yourself in a different way. I enjoyed reading all your random's amazing how much "stuff" goes through women's heads! I'm on Instagram and love it. It's so easy to post random pictures throughout your day or week...mine are "bits of my life" and tend to be mostly things I've cooked, my cats, and the beauty of nature around me. It's almost like a mini blog and only takes a few minutes. I don't follow many people on Instagram, so it's easy to keep up with. Just my thoughts to throw out there.

  38. Hey Jennifer,
    What a priviledge to share the thoughts of such a private person. I have had a very small blog cull today. Funnily enough one was one of the first I connected with. I was attracted to it because she lived in the same part of Bristol as me and had an allotment. But every, every post she writes is either sponsered or insincere. As if she's writing about brands in the hope that they will sponser her blog. There's nothing of her left. Such a shame. Then there are the blogs who don't want you in their club. Forget them! I love your blog, Jennifer. I think it is more original, honest and authentic than most others. Xxxx

  39. A very pretty late summer/early fall image, Jennifer.

    I appreciated 'reading' into your thoughts, and couldn't agree with you more on the issue of how blogging seems like it's passe, if we aren't also backing it with Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the last being the only social media site I access, to keep in constant touch with my daughter, who lives in Canada. For me, blogging is about relaxing, entertaining, and being entertained, connecting with people who share similar passions, hobbies, tastes. I won't judge those who want to make money from it, (although I do find all that advertising annoying!), and believe me, we could really use the extra money, (but I wonder how lucrative it is, when you only have 360 followers, as I do), but the biggest reason for not succumbing to the ads is that I feel they completely destroy the aesthetic of a post. They're blogs, for goodness sake, not websites!

    Hope you got yourself some candy; life is too short to be without a little sweetness!


  40. I'm another who loves blogging and loves your blog. Not having a smartphone or tablet I don't do Instagram and would hate to lose you to it. I have actually joined Facebook this summer and enjoy it for keeping in touch, but it will never replace blogs and blogging in my affections.

    I loved your thoughts and could identify strongly with so many of them, despite being a generation older than you.

  41. Ooh I liked this post! So interedting to read your thoughts like this, it was a different view of your world, a different side of yourself, I loved it! I can see why you liked the post from Caylee's blog that I shared now, the blogging world is changing, and I tried to change with it for a while, but I realised it's not me and I can just let it go, and just blog for me and connect with the people that interest me. x


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