Thursday, October 9, 2014

I am/I try to be/I am not

I am: 
-  Having a stay-at-home day. It's fall break and there is nowhere I need to be.
-  Tired. If they'd let me, I think I could sleep for a week.
-  Tired of six-year-old-girl drama too. Get a grip already.
-  In the mood to bake. Maybe chocolate chip cookies.
-  Thinking about my blog. It's becoming repetitive, I think. But my life is pretty repetitive too.
-  Really glad my on-hold book finally came in at the library.
-  Concerned that my blog makes me seem nicer than I really am.
-  Glad for the 90's R&B played at my thrift store. That was me belting out "Real Love" by the linens.

I try to be:
Patient with my children. But it's not a natural talent.
Enthusiastic about shopping for anything other than food.
Fashionable, though I have to realistic; it's never going to happen.
-  A better ____________. But right now, mostly: cook and laundry-doer.
-  Open-minded. Lord knows I'm not always right.
-  Organized and managerial without being anal-retentive.
-  A non-cuticle biter, like I'm no longer a nail-biter.

I am not:
-  Going to be able to finish that Maggie Rabbit by Christmas if I don't buckle down.
-  Proud that I have to make myself "buckle down" to finish crafts lately.
-  Crafting as much right now but I am reading a lot, so that's something.
-  A fan of any media featuring zombies. I don't even get zombies.
-  At all upset about having another birthday next month. I love being "old."
On board with pumpkin-spice-all-the-things. Actually, I can't stand it anymore.
-  Happy to discover that Netflix removed "Peggy Sue Got Married" from its streaming content.
-  Ashamed to admit that I love Katy Perry.

There you go, some things that I am, that I try to be and that I am not. It isn't my idea - I came across it somewhere in Blogsylvania awhile ago, though I don't remember where. Try it, it's fun. Leave a link so we can read yours too.


  1. This was so cool, Jennifer. I must try this, but I will have to do little thinking first. So cute! And I think you must be as nice as you seem! xxoo

  2. Great idea for a post! I think my blog gets boring too, but yours does not!

  3. I don't find your blog at all repetitive. It has a lovely homely, family-orientated feel to it, as well as being thought-provoking; a lovely reflection of you. I am sure you are just as nice as you seem. I'm not naturally patient either, and I'm having to focus a little on moving forward with a craft project at the moment (a quilt), but I am always right. It drives my other half nuts, but I really can't help it. CJ xx

  4. That's a great idea! You have no worries - your blog is not boring at all. (I agree with the pumpkin spice stuff, I feel like shouting out 'really?' in the shops!!). Take care xx

  5. Repetitive? Not at all. Honest, down to earth, fun and funny. I don't think any of us are as nice as we seem sometimes. But you are genuine. That's got to be nice enough hasn't it? Jeez Jennifer, I am a complete shrew!!!!!! I think I am going to jump on and have a go at this myself. It will be good therapy;)
    Oh and I thought that your birthday was this month for some reason, so there is a little something wending it's way to you.
    Leanne xx

  6. This was great! I don't think your blog is repetitive at all - I always love reading what you're up to with your family, your crafting, cooking, chickens, discoveries, and thoughts. I agree with Leanne (above) that none of us are probably as nice as we come across on our blogs. ;-)

  7. Your blog, your life love to hear it all. You are a down to earth cool individual x

  8. what a great post! fab idea and fascinating content! and don't think repetitive, think rhythmic. much nicer word x

  9. Thats a fun idea Jennifer, if I have the time I will do it too. I like the bit about you being old haha dear me I must be ancient then. :) xx

  10. A great idea for a blog post, Jennifer. :o)

  11. Repetitive? Nope. I love your blog just the way it is. You remind me of myself years ago. I had to laugh. 6 year old drama will become 13 year old drama and then 21 year old drama!! :-). That's the price of having kids. Thanks for sharing with us.

  12. Oh Jennifer I'm sure you are just as nice, even nicer than your blog portrays and not repetitive at all. The word "nicer" doesn't sit comfortably with me as we were always taught never to say it at school but in this context it had to be used. Have a great weekend. P x

  13. Did you think you're coming across as too nice on this blog?! I think bloggers are the nicest people I've ever "met"!! I have 16-year old drama ... a bit frightening after 15 years of a happy-go-lucky kid. I've been away from blogging for the exact feeling that I've said all I could say about myself (which ain't much), and now would just repeating things. Ho hum. I guess we're all in the same boat at times. Enjoy what you can out of this life. Wendy x

  14. Your blog is anything but repetitive, Jennifer! I love reading each and every post. Funny that you are concerned your blog makes you seem nicer than you really are. I worry about the same thing with my blog. That, and that my blog makes our family out to be way better than we are in real life. Maggie Rabbit is worth the effort. I love looking at the one I have sitting on my mantle. Hopefully Lucy will enjoy the one I made for her too when she gets a little older. Your sweet daughter is the perfect age for one!

  15. Love your blog and always think how you come across as honest.....I often feel mine is
    boring but then again they are our blogs and we put what we want or feel ☺☺ I also love katy
    perry and I am old....57 lol

  16. I love your blog my friend, it is from the heart and that cannot be repetitive. Although I feel like mine is, I'm tired, I'm busy, I crocheted a dishcloth, over and over again. So glad you are on a bit of a break and that you can stay home an enjoy your day. No Mother is patient all the time, actually I rarely am and just so you know I am not all that nice either.

  17. Jennifer.. please never ever question the value of your blog. You have an honest and special presence that is appreciated and loved by many. Your blog has grown quickly for one that is fairly "young". I enjoyed your honest and straightforward sharing of thoughts in this post. I missed the last one some way - LOVED all the farmer's market pix and your thoughts of it.. and how much fun you all had. Keep up the good work! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  18. Jennifer, you crack me up!!! Repetitive? Hardly! Finish Maggie - if I can do it a super crafty person like yourself can and you have heaps of time! Peggy Sue Got Married was one of my faves when it came out too - love Kathleen Turner and I would not be happy about that either. I worry about the opposite, that my blog makes me seem more cold and aloof than I really am with my sarcastic humour and lack of photos of me kissing and gushing over my kids. I love Katy Perry too shh! Mel x

    1. I meant you have heaps of time still until Christmas, not that you personally have heaps of time on your hands, sorry just needed to clarify that, if only there was more time in the day :-)

  19. I had to laugh at six year old girl drama, they don't get any better when they're sixteen!

  20. This was great, Jennifer! I'm going to pin this as idea for a new journal I want to start. I really don't doubt for a minute, that you are as nice as you come across in your blog. I think you are being too hard on yourself. I really enjoy your blog -- it's so honest and down-to-earth. Some bloggers, myself included, get overly pretentious. That would be one of my "I Try To Be" less that way, but I struggle with myself about that. Anyway, thank you so much for sharing this, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  21. I enjoyed this post, Jennifer, and I always find your blog interesting :) Keep on being you and writing your lovely posts!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen xox

  22. I'm another who begs to differ, your blog is focused on your family and your life together but one of the reasons I enjoy what you write so much is the variety and the interest you find in the everyday. Not repetitive at all!

  23. Such a good idea for a post, give you a insight into the person.

  24. Absolutely nothing repetitive about your blog !!!
    And seeing how many other blogsters have posted the same reaction.... So just keep on blogging the way you do :-) !
    Happy weekend !

  25. Love this! I am border line anal-retentive, and a nail and cuticle biter. Love Katy Perry - sadly missed out on tickets for her NZ concerts for Bell and I. They sold out in minutes. I embrace aging and am going to ask for a "Bowls Membership" for my 40th in a few years time, ha! Have a great weekend xoxo

  26. Oh, I like Katie Perry too, nothing to be ashamed about. I have been known to sing along with her loudly whilst driving my car.

    Like you, I too am not naturally patient, and also tired of 4-year-old girl drama. Wow, us mums have a lot in common.

    Love this post, Jennifer - repetitive? No way. xxx

  27. Such an interesting post. I don't think that your blog - or you - is repetitive, you just share the rhythms of life that come and go like the seasons, you don't just endlessly repeat! xx

  28. You are never repetitive!! You're really good at finding the interest and beauty in everyday life. I enjoyed this post very much. Xx

  29. Your blog is always interesting and engaging Jennifer...carry on doing just what you do so well!.
    A lovely post as always x
    Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!
    Susan x

  30. I love Katy Perry too! And i don't get the zombie thing either. Not at all! :)

  31. I am tired too and I'm not a fan of zombies or anything scary either.
    I always enjoy reading your posts and you make everyday things shine and look so lovely in your photos. Not repetitive at all. x

  32. I love visiting here Jennifer, your blog is an honest down to earth place that makes me feel at home and welcome. I don't find it repetitive at all. Personally, I mostly enjoy the predictability of life, its repetitiveness, too. I get stressed when things are not the way I am familiar with. Sometimes I get bored. Six year old girl drama is still going on here and Annie is 11.... parenting is not always plain sailing, isn't it? I try to think of the drama as a way of expressing her own opinions.... being not quite articulate enough to have a "proper" discussion. I might steal your idea for a post if you don't mind, I feel I need a little self reflection. Love, C

  33. Excellent post! You aren't old - just wait until you get to my age!!

  34. I love this, got to try it. I am definitely thinking about my blog too much (moving it to a new domain and new provider and nervous!), I try to be patient with Betsy too but GAH it is hard, anyway I read an article yesterday that said trying to be a perfect mum is bad for your children so go me :), I am not at all upset about being old either...I love being a forty something, such a privilege xx

  35. I loved this post Jennifer, so much so I've shamelessly done one too. Hopefully I'm back in blogging mode.

  36. Your blog is never repetitive to me, Jennifer. I am interested in and inspired by your creativity and relieved to know that you have ups and downs in life as I do. Hooray! We are human and growing, and aimed to love. :-) xx


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