Saturday, February 4, 2017

Winter Project Link Party

Welcome to February's Winter Project Link Party! I hope you'll join me in sharing your current crafty projects in a supportive, encouraging link-up. This month, I'm sharing yet another blanket-motif start in a long series of them as I try to figure out what I want for a new bed-sized blanket. I've shared so many different ideas over the past year and none of them have felt right to me. But I think I may have finally found something I love! Can you believe it? I've been so wishy-washy. I've been getting bored easily and even starting to think my crochet race has been run. It's depressing, really. This time, I'm feeling that old twinge of excitement and it's wonderful. Crochet is fun again!

These are Sunburst granny squares - well, the centers of them. I made one complete square so far to try it out, but I'm leaving the rest unfinished for now while I decide how I'd assemble a blanket made of them. I'm leaning toward join-as-you-go, because there will have to be a LOT of them to make a queen-size blanket, and also because I really enjoy JAYG - to me, it's a little like a puzzle as it all comes together. Anyway, I have long admired Sunburst squares, but I was very intimidated by the idea of trying new stitches, so I hadn't tried them.

These new-to-me stitches are the puff stitch and the cluster stitch. In reality, they're no trouble at all! They're easy and fun. I found a great pattern for Sunburst squares, by Priscilla Hewitt (click here for a PDF of her pattern), where the stitches are explained really well. I've adapted the pattern a bit; my squares will be made with the first four rounds only. In the above photo, the purple round is puff stitches and the green round is cluster stitches. I really like the shapes of them. Who knew a granny square could be so liberating?

I'm using Stylecraft Special DK, as I often do for blankets. I'm a huge fan; the colors are beautiful and it's really nice to be able to play around with yarns, trying different ideas, without worrying about wasting yarn.

This is real life as a crafter, people. I've been piling discarded motif attempts on a shelf above my desk for the past year. I have six different things up there as we speak: large traditional granny squares, large hexagons, circles-in-squares, a flowery square called Paeonia, flowery hexagons and a couple of others. Not seen are small solid hexagons and small bulls-eye squares. It's been a slog, what can I say? If our bed can be dubbed the crochet museum by a certain local wiseguy, then this shelf must be the crochet graveyard.

Much more peaceably, I've also been moving toward starting a small cross-stitch project. Last spring, I completed Stitchrovia's Retro Kitchen design, with plans to make two more small kitchenware pieces by the same designer. I'm starting with Little Red Coffee Pot and will also make Little Vintage Tea Pot, both to hang in the kitchen. I'm really excited to stitch again; it's been about three months since I finished My Sweetiepie ABC's.


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  1. Jennifer, what a great granny's. I love them.
    I think your Retro Kitchen project is absolutely lovely
    Have a nice weekend

  2. It has to feel right if you are going to go the whole blanket so well done for thinking it through. I go a bit all out on stuff and it isn't always what I want but I like to keep busy - Have a good week. Jo x

  3. Those motifs are really neat.. very sculptural. It's going to be a magnificent blanket.. a real family heirloom. I like the little red coffeepot. Have a fab weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Both beautiful projects but I am always drawn to a crochet project. I love the granny square that you have come up with and the stunning colour combinations. It will certainly make a magnificent blanket like Teresa said and a stunning family heirloom.

  5. These squares are lovely Jennifer. I can imagine that they will keep your crochet spirit up. I have a pile of unfinished projects that I can't get exited about, I think it is the nature of crafting and being human, enthusiasm comes and goes. I am still working on Sam's quilt.... Thanks for the link. xx

  6. The crochet design looks really sweet. Making a big queen-sized blanket is going to look stunning! Can't wait to see how the blanket progresses. Are you using the same colour around the outside of each granny? I love learning new knitting stitches, but making something useful after playing around is sometimes daunting. I think there are more "graveyard" pieces in my small knitting box than on your desk ;)

  7. What a clever granny 'square with a round' - I love it, and it is a new one to me too. It will be very pretty as a blanket. And I can't wait to see the little red coffee pot and the vintage teapot. Cross-stitch is so soothing, and I am enjoying picking mine up again.

  8. Those are such cheery little squares! It's going to be a beautiful blanket.

  9. I think the Sunburst squares are a great idea, I'm liking all the colours you're using. I love vintage and retro kitchenalia and would love to stitch that retro coffee pot pattern. I'm currently working on a Spring-themed sampler and I am really enjoying myself.

  10. Good to hear you are out of your funk.. and i'm not surprised that is was these beautiful cheery sunbursts that did the trick.

  11. I absolutely love the colours you're using. Stylecraft Special is always a winner with me!

  12. Thanks for hosting another party, Jennifer. I love your crochet rounds - you always pick such lovely colour combinations. I also had a peep at the cross-stitch patterns and they look a lot of fun. I'm hoping to try a bit more cross-stitch this summer, once I've got all my spring garment sewing done. Cecily x

  13. I think you're very wise to take your time with blanket planning. It's such a commitment, you have to really like what you're going to make. I hope you enjoy making more of these gorgeous little circles. xx

  14. I love the colours you are using! Your blanket is going to be gorgeous once finished. x


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