Sunday, July 2, 2017

Summer, this week

This was our fifth week of summer break, 2017.

The weather is starting to get interesting. We had some cloudy afternoons and two storms, including one that ended with a very faint rainbow - too light to show up in my photos, but it was there. I'm enjoying sunlight rainbows all over the house, especially in my bedroom, where the bevel-edge mirrored medicine cabinet doors in our adjacent bathroom spread rainbows in every direction for about twenty minutes in the evenings.

I won a contest! The library does something called Book in a Jar every week. They shred a copy of some book and stuff the shredded paper into a mason jar. You have to figure out which book it is from clues in the words printed on the shredded pages. Then you write your guess on a slip of paper with your name and phone number for a random drawing. I guessed correctly that last week's book was Corduroy, about the teddy bear. I won a five-dollar gift card to Baskin-Robbins! How exciting is that?

We baked chocolate-chip cookies. They were fabulous, I assure you.

The LB attended a library event for learning to use 3D maker pens. We went back to the library a few days later to watch Guardians of the Galaxy. The LB and I enjoyed it, the GB was bored. I liked the soundtrack and Chris Pratt. The LB liked the many explosions and fires.

I worked on a small cross-stitch project, which was very satisfying. I hadn't done any cross-stitch since last winter!

I made seven more Maybelle squares. I'm more than halfway finished with them now, and almost done with my fifth of nine colors.

I didn't finish a book this week. I did make a small dent in my pile of magazines, and I'm almost finished with the book I started last week. I might finish it during this long weekend.

I've been trying to add some variety to my lunches. It gets boring eating peanut butter and jelly most days. That's what my children usually want and I just eat whatever they're having. I'm trying different things, though. This week, I really enjoyed one lunch of toast spread with mashed avocado, topped with chopped hard-boiled egg. I saw this on a cooking show recently. The host was teaching a mom how to make healthy, easy meals for herself. I took notes and I'm glad I did because that was delicious.

I pruned back my rosebush pretty severely. It just finished its third bloom of the season and has a few new buds. It was getting really overgrown, though. Things have been growing beautifully this summer. It hasn't been terribly hot, except for that one stretch a couple of weeks ago, and we're getting rain now; the monsoon seems to have arrived (I'm so excited about that, I can't even tell you). The hibiscuses are ready to go any day now. I think we'll have our first flower in bloom tomorrow (I'll keep you posted, of course - this is majorly important stuff!).

We had really good corn on the cob one night for dinner. I'm hoping to have it more often this summer, now that I know of a good source for farm-grown, which isn't easy to find around here. It's for sale in the parking lot of a lawn-sprinkler shop. I know! WEIRD BUT TRUE.

Hope you have a good week ahead, friends! Happy belated Canada Day and happy Fourth of July!


  1. I do love these posts Jennifer. I feel like they're a real glimpse into your life. I wish you could come and have lunch with me as I LOVE lunch, it's something I look forward to making every weekend. I always have something different to what the kids are having, usually a salad in the summer or soup in the winter, often something with eggs and vegetables - seriously, I get way too excited about my lunches. :-)

  2. Your library is fantastic! Glad you've had a good week. I do like the look of your lunch. Gorgeous roses, wonderful that they're blooming again and again. I hope you have another good week. CJ xx

  3. Another lovely week in your neck of the woods, Jennifer. I'm not that keen on avocado but, I have to say, the lunch you made with it does look good. :o)

  4. I love hearing about how you are spending your summer. I also liked Chris Pratt and the soundtrack for Guardians of the Galaxy!

  5. Congratulations on your cool win! I love reading about your summer days, and am glad you are enjoying your changing weather. This morning I heard cherries plunking on the roof of my room from our huge cherry tree. Yesterday we gathered some of the little dark cherries, and enjoyed their flavor even though they are more pit than fruit. Happy July 4th! xx

  6. Hooray for winning!
    The cookies look fabulous and are making me hungry. :)
    I love your cross stitch. The blue really pops on that black.

  7. Wonderful, looks like your summer is off to a great start. Those are lovely photos indeed. Thanks for sharing, and best wishes!

  8. those cookies look delicious as does that sandwich! Can you tell us how you did it? Yay for gardens and flowers!!! Do show more about them! love that cross stitch and fun to see the crochet project continue!

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. For my lunch, I just mashed half a ripe avocado in a small bowl, using a fork. Then I divided it over two slices of toast, spreading evenly. Then I chopped a hard-boiled egg and put half on each slice of toast. I added salt and pepper too. Really easy and good. :)

  9. Mmmmm cookies. We made cookies too this week but Big Sis weighed the butter out wrong- she melted twice as much as we needed. We doubled receipe and ended up with 48 cookies!! Have a good week. Jo x

  10. Sounds like another good week, your school holidays are certainly flying by very quickly. The children here on the Island finished school for the summer last Friday. My Grandchildren in England still have another couple of weeks to go...then its visits to Grannys.

  11. I can't wait til the fresh corn is ready here in IL. Our area grows a ton of corn, but of course, most of it is GMO and mostly fed to cows. I won't buy the stuff in supermarkets because of the GMO factor, so I wait until a couple of non-GMO farmstands near us have it ready. Probably won't be for another few weeks. I love avocado and egg toast! Sometimes I even have it for breakfast - try it with a fried egg on top instead of hard-boiled one time. ;-)

  12. I've been baking chocolate cookies quite a lot this summer for visitors. My daughter is coming Wednesday, so I have a batch of dough in the fridge.
    I love the book in a jar idea! What a fun challenge for us nerdy bookworms.

  13. I like a Sandwish!
    have a nice day!


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