Sunday, July 16, 2017

Summer, this week

In our seventh week of summer break...

We started a new session of swimming lessons at a different pool, an indoor one. We have gone swimming there before, but this is our first time taking lessons there. We switched because they have a diving pool and the LB was ready to take diving lessons (the GB can still take regular swimming lessons there too). He's doing great, but it was rather terrifying for me at first. Now, after a week, I'm mostly okay watching him plunge head-first into 14 feet of water...mostly. Oh dear.

All the summer activities are beginning to wind down. We went to the library to learn how to write in Egyptian-style hieroglyphics. They made bookmarks with their hieroglyphic names on them. Summer ballet has ended, and the library's summer reading program will end soon.

The small Bears saw their dentist for cleanings and x-rays.

I had my domestic day, which was totally reinvigorating. I'm so glad to know that others out there see the benefits in having a day at home.

I made five Maybelle squares this week. I finished a novel and am almost finished with an Ann Rule Crime Files book. I know, it's total trash, but I need that sometimes.

We had a really good cold chicken salad for dinner. I had leftover meat from a rotisserie chicken which I mixed with celery, chopped dill and mayonnaise. We ate it on bolillo rolls from the supermarket bakery. Easy and good. I love cold dinners in the summer.

I'm hoping for a good monsoon week. The storms have been pretty wimpy so far. Come on, gully-washer.

The Bear and I had a surprise evening out when the small Bears slept over with their grandparents last night. We did very exciting things: went to Starbucks, roamed around at World Market looking at foreign groceries, ate dinner at Pei Wei (where we got a free bowl of pad thai because they made a mistake with our order; the Bear has lunch for Monday in the bag), stopped at Flying Star and shared a slice of cake and sat on the patio until it was dark and starting to rain, came home and watched Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away! on Netflix. Only a trip to Hobby Lobby could have made this a better night. Ha.

Today, we're catching up with house stuff. I'm doing laundry. We'll grill steak for dinner and watch our Sunday PBS shows. Tomorrow, it's back to the pool and probably the library because I have books waiting on the holds shelf. I'm determined to crochet more this week, and maybe start my new cross-stitch project. I hope you have a good week ahead!


  1. Sounds like a good night out :) I bet you enjoyed it! I'm really looking forward to seeing your maybelle blanket when it's finished, I'm in love with the colours you're using.

  2. Another good week, Jennifer. Your night out sounds like it was fun! :o)

  3. Life at yours sounds quite blissful. Those lovely relaxed days of summer. We're looking forward to our break which starts on Friday. CJ xx

  4. Date nights are so great, even to just poke around. Every couple needs 'em!

  5. I can relate to hours and hours spent at the pool, that was the sport of choice in my house and it involved many hours until they were old enough to stay at practice alone. Good for the diving boy! That takes guts. Have a great week.

  6. Hi chickens, hi gorgeous white hibiscus! Those seven weeks went fast Jennifer, and good to see you are still having fun in the Summer. Date day/night sounds good, the sorts of things we like to do on weekends. Yesterday a failed attempt to catch up with our son ended up being a coffee date in a nice leafy part of town. Take it when it comes :)

  7. Summer is flying by too quickly! It looks good your way. The hibiscus is beautiful and I love seeing GB play guitar.

  8. Your week sounds very lovely to me. I'm glad you had an unexpected date night. It sounds surprisingly like our nights out. Simple, quiet pleasures. And yes on Hobby Lobby. :-). I'm impressed with the LB diving. I'm terrified of water over my head and can't even imagine willingly diving headfirst into water. I hope the next week is as full as quiet treasures for you as this week was.

  9. Hey Jennifer,
    Gearing up for our summer break here. Sam is already back from Uni, and has a summer job in town. He's working long hours, so is hardly ever here. Alf spends his last full week on a work experience programme at the local school and Olly's year group will be performing their play and getting ready to leave their little infant school. Come September he will change to the junior school. It's a big step; I'm already nervous. I have a vague list of holiday stuff in my head. But it's all weather dependent, so we have to be flexible. And now that I'm working, there is childcare to arrange. Obviously there will be domestic days too; I love those days rather more than I should!
    Leanne xx

  10. Bloke and I had a whole day free together the other day - really rare - and we went to a Timber yard!!! we did have a fab lunch out afterwards though. Our Summer break starts next week. I feel like you, I kinda look forward to it and then it doesn't quite feel like it was in my mind. Washing today though, second load in... Jo x

  11. It sounds like a wonderful time you had when the children were away, perfect together time. We're in our last week at school here, looking forward to finishing on Friday for our summer holidays xx

  12. M and I cherish our little trips to run errands without the kids.. date nights don't need to be fancy as long as we are getting some alone time.

  13. Wow, seven weeks, already?! Your date night sounds nice. At least you went out - John and I would probably just collapse on the sofa with a bottle of wine, take away and a film.


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