Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer, this week

In our eighth week of summer break, our first sunflower bloomed. I thought this was a Mammoth, but it's some other kind. There are buds all along the stem. This is the only flower open so far, but it's so bright that my eye goes right to it when I look out the kitchen window.

All three of the young hens are now laying. We get at least two eggs every day, sometimes three. The small Bears say they know who has laid each egg, but I'm not so sure. The hens are doing great, though, and we're happy to have fresh eggs again.

The weather has definitely turned. We're deep in the monsoon now. I've been enjoying watching the storm clouds build every afternoon. We don't always get rain, but the clouds are very welcome.

Everything is blooming more nicely since we've had some rain. The Russian sage is purple again (it was looking very brown and dry for the past few weeks). It's attracting bees again too, which is always interesting to watch. These plants are just alive with bees.

The heavy rain washes out all kinds of interesting things, like this animal skeleton we came across on a walk. We think it might be a squirrel, or maybe a prairie dog.

We've played outside more since the cloudy afternoons started. It's more humid outside now, but usually less sunny, so it feels more pleasant on the whole. The hens get a lot of attention. Who needs a cat or a dog when you can carry around a big, fat hen?

We've had several rainbows, most of them too faint to photograph. This was our best one so far. It was actually a double rainbow for a little while. We're lucky to get so many rainbows.

This week, I crocheted nine Maybelle squares. Book-wise, I've been re-reading Nigella's How to Eat, which I borrowed from the library. I've read it several times before. I like to read it from cover to cover, like a non-fiction story. I love her writing about food but also just the way she says things. A cake recipe, for example, instructs you to stir the batter "robustly but not excitedly."

And speaking of cooking, Miss GB made Rice Krispie Treats almost entirely by herself this week. She's been cooking with me all summer and is becoming very adept in the kitchen. I'm very proud of her and I've really enjoyed having her near, my little cooking pal.


Have a good week! We're still three weeks out from school starting, but things have really wound down. This week will be the last library event and the end of the summer reading program. Swimming lessons are over now (both passed their level when lessons ended last week, and we'll go back for more next June). I'm waiting to hear from the teachers about requested school supplies so we can go and load up at Target. We'll go camping for a couple of days at the end of the week, so I'm starting to prepare for that. I hope you have fun things going on where you are! Thanks, as always, for reading and for the lovely comments you leave for me.


  1. Well, it sounds like another good week, I am glad you enjoyed it. Your sunflower is really beautiful, this particular yellow is one of my very favourite colours. x

  2. Wonderful sunflower, eggs, and great photos indeed. Warm greetings!

  3. Gorgeous photos as always, Jennifer. It sounds like you've had a good week. I love Nigella Lawson's writing, too; her recipe descriptions are some of the best. I hope you continue to enjoy the summer and hopefully get a bit more rain. That was some storm you had! Sam x

  4. Love the GB and her hen. All of the photos are wonderful, telling the story of your sweet life and family. I'm always grateful for your generosity in sharing with us Jennifer.

  5. Great sunflower, it looks huge. I'm a big fan of rereading books you love.

  6. That sunflower is the best Jennifer - what a glorious shade of gold. I have really enjoyed reading about your Summer break activities, the more so because my little grandsons in Canada are following much the same schedule (at a lower age group of course). Swimming, library activities, baking and so on. Lovely. Well done to the GB - she will be a star baker like Mom. You can never start them too early. Well, actually, you can because my youngest rascal climbed up on a kitchen chair aged three and made scrambled eggs before I had emerged from slumber....

  7. I love sunflowers! Glad your weather cooled and you are enjoying the outdoors.
    Hooray for Miss GB!

  8. Very first day of the summer hols here, hurray. You have reminded me I should get the children cooking a bit this year. The youngest will sign up for the summer reading challenge at the library and no doubt a big pile of books will come home with us. There was a bit of a monsoon here yesterday. I'm wondering how the middle child is faring out in the wilds where he's camping. No doubt someone would have let me know if he'd been washed away. Sunshine today, so hopefully things will dry out. Have a great week Jennifer. I'm off to enjoy the school hols, happy sigh. CJ xx

  9. Well done Miss Bear. Before you know it, she'll be a domestic goddess just like Nigella. :o)

  10. I love hearing how you spend your weeks whilst the children are at home, I didn't even realise that they'd broken up for the holidays here, I feel kind of out of the loop now that I don't have school age children. I haven't grown sunflowers this year but they must be one of the most cheery flowers, I never tire of seeing them. Glad to see that the hens are laying well now, those fresh eggs must taste delicious.

  11. Such a beautiful sunflower and a glorious colour. Carrying the hen around made me smile, always great to have eggs that look so good.

  12. Your summer looks lovely so far, my sunflowers are only just getting buds!

  13. That sunflower is gorgeous.
    Kids helping in the kitchen is always so great.. that fact that she can do a few things all by herself is amazing. My side of the family is full of great cook.. even the men.. M's side of the family the men can barely find where the spoons are.. I want to make sure my boys can cook.
    Those eggs are beautiful.

  14. Gorgeous sunflower picture! Your summer sounds so lovely Jennifer. It's so nice to have time to cook with your daughter and work as a little team in the kitchen...reminds me of when my girls were young! Enjoy the rest of your summery week. xox

  15. Your sunflower is gorgeous! I've noticed them in yards around here as I'm driving and I'm always astounded at how tall they are. You are so lucky to have fresh eggs at the ready. The nearby farm stand has them, but sometimes there's a waiting list. I love Nigella Lawson - I'll have to see if my library has that book.

  16. It's funny to read that you are winding down as we are just beginning our summer break. You can see the shift in seasons in your recent posts from high to late summer. I also love to read Nigella's books for the prose as much as the recipes. She writes extremely well. Enjoy the camping weekend! x


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