Friday, April 6, 2018

Apple blossom

It's Friday afternoon and I'm just relaxing here in my family room after a long, tiring week. Nothing specific, just a lot to do and plenty of running around. This morning, I had errands to run and ended up at Target, walking around and browsing without buying much of anything. I don't really need much, clothing-wise, aside from a new bathing suit. Mine is about five years old now and it shows. I also need new bras and underwear, but I didn't feel like trying things on today, which I have to do with bras. So I just walked around, and you know, it was really nice.

I love Target. I have a circuit: ladies' clothes, then shoes, then bed and bath, then housewares, then cleaning supplies, ending with kids' clothes. I do the same circuit every time, even when I don't need anything. I just like to see if there's anything new. I saw some cotton quilts I really liked, which made me wish I'd bought our new lightweight quilt there instead of ordering one from Amazon. The one I bought is microfiber, which is nice enough, but I'd rather have cotton. Next time. My main purchase was a new pack of cinnamon Trident (my favorite) for my purse. I ended my trip with a soda from the snack bar, which I drank while watching people go by. I played solitaire on my phone and listened to two old men at the next table discussing their favorite Simpsons episodes. Honestly, it was the best morning I've spent in a while.

Spring is in full swing here. The apple tree is covered in blossoms, which makes me hopeful for a good apple season this year. I have one lonely tulip almost ready to bloom in the backyard. Some creature ate my solitary hyacinth before it could bloom. For years, Miss GB picked that hyacinth as soon as it bloomed. It's pink, which was all it took for her to zero in on it and pluck it out of the ground. I think she did that every year between the ages of one and four. When she couldn't talk well, she also shouted "Pitty!" (pretty) as soon as she laid eyes on it. It didn't bloom for several years. It finally seemed ready to bloom again but I think it's just too beautiful for this world.

I'm about to make my afternoon cup of tea, get my yarn basket and crochet some more hexagons. I might watch Gilmore Girls. I started watching it on Netflix a few weeks ago. I'm actually enjoying it, to the astonishment of several. I never liked this show when it was on TV; I found the incessant snappy banter beyond annoying. But I was bored recently and decided to give it another chance. I like it now! The GB likes it too. I'm glad to have another long series to watch, having finished Switched at Birth last year. I like nicer shows all of a sudden. Not everything has to be a gritty drama or a scathing expose; gentle, uplifting television is okay too. Shocking news.

Speaking of which, I've been reading a wonderful book, Tell Me More: Stories about the 12 Hardest Things I'm Learning to Say by Kelly Corrigan. This is a collection of essays in the which the author explains why she needs to say a word or phrase more often, ranging from "yes" and "no" to "I was wrong" and "I know." Each story is very thought-provoking and they range from hilariously funny to heartbreaking. I'm enjoying this book so, so much.

I hope you have a terrific weekend. Here, we'll be working around the house, including preparing the swamp cooler for the upcoming season. I will not be joining the work crew on the roof, but I'm sure they'll find something for me to help with on the ground. I might have to break out a pair of shorts because it's going to be very warm tomorrow. Which means I need to shave my legs, I realize as I write this.


  1. Lindas e coloridas imagens. As flores da macieira são um verdadeiro encanto. Feliz fim de semana.

  2. Enjoyed visiting with you today.
    I enjoy a cup of afternoon coffee with some Netflix too.
    I will be starting The Crown Season 2 soon. : )
    Have a cozy weekend!

  3. The apple blossom's are so pretty. Makes me really want Spring! GB looks pretty good with that guitar.
    Even the chicken looks happy in the sunshine. :)

  4. Busy is good as long as it is a good kinda busy doing the things you like. I do love visiting Target when in the States. Especially those $1 bins. :) Lovely to see your crochet and know that you are enjoying it again. I don't watch any tv but do have some favorite YouTube videos that I look forward to every week that range on topics from tiny house living to journaling, thrifting, zero waste, healthy habits, etc. Here's hoping you get a whole lot of apples. Have a good weekend.

  5. The sunshine is breaking through and it shows in your photographs, we are still in the midst of grey and rain - make it stop! I really want to get a shot of my quilt because it is finished but it is just too wet and muddy to risk dragging it outside. This morning the girls are going to messy church for a couple of hours of craft and being away from me (in the nicest possible way) and I am going to pop to a craft group I haven't been to in a while to catch up with some friends. Have a great weekend.

  6. I always enjoy your photos of ordinary, daily life. I've never watched Gilmore Girls though I know it's very popular. I watched the first series of This Is Us at the back end of last year but we can't get the second series over here yet. It's one of those feel good shows and I really enjoyed it.

  7. I have never watched Gilmore Girls either, probably because I never get chance to watch TV on my own. I am nursing virus at the moment so feeling a little sorry for myself. Thank you for the tip regarding stock, greatly appreciated. Hope you manage to get your shorts on we are still sporting winter woolies.

  8. Shorts weather and apple blossom, I am envious. It's cold and damp here still apple blossom is weeks away. Beautiful photos of it, it's my favourite. I do love the glimpse of 'your' mountain in your picture of the line-drying washing as well, it must be lovely to be able to see mountains from your home. Glad you had a good morning mooching round Target. Days like that are precious indeed. Hope you have a nice weekend Jennifer and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it made my day. CJ xx

  9. So lovely pictures and these apple blossoms are so beautiful!
    Have a nice week,

  10. Lovely pictures Jennifer your morning out sounds just like the kind of thing I enjoy just taking time to walk around slowly and take everything in followed by a coffee in my case and a good dose of people watching. I've never watched the Gilmore girls I'll have to look into it. I brought my patio apple tree here from my old house and I'm trying to decide where is the best place to plant it, I'm hoping it will do better when it's planted than it did in the pot. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  11. Rain is beating down there today, and when I say beating down I mean pelting! No outside activities here. Your blanket isn’t beautiful and I also enjoy knitting; rocketing while watching TV. I love the travel shows. I have a similar circuit at Hobby Lobby. I slam through areas that I never buy from but it’s fun to see what is new. I also like to people watch while doing it.
    I hope you have a lovely weekend Jennifer.

  12. Aha, time to break out the shorts, and I am almost ready to cast them off for something longer and more respectable :) I love apple blossom, one of the prettiest flowers of them all. Your photos are always enjoyable. Look at those two dollies in their beds, made me all warm and fuzzy too. Also, chicken sighting - Yay!! Happy days Jennifer.

  13. Lovely photos Jennifer, particularly the blossom, so delicate. The chicken is cute having a huddle and the sweet dolls sleeping under the crocheted blankets which I'm guessing you've made, they look so cute. Cathy x

  14. Hey Jennifer,
    I absolutely know what you mean about wandering around a store and feeling good. Not buying, just browsing and passing the time. Alas I don't have the knees for shorts. Or legs for that matter. I stick to skirts and linen trousers during the summer months. Loved this post. Day to day life that smacks of contentment. My favourite.
    Leanne xx

  15. It definitely looks like spring has sprung in your area. I hope you had a nice, warm weekend! That's such a sweet picture of your daughter- she looks a lot like you. I'm planning to make a trip to Target this afternoon for a few items and maybe a new flower pot. Gilmore Girls is such a cute show, I think I've seen every episode. Hope you are enjoying your week!

  16. And then it turned cold again, right? LOL.
    Your plans for healthy easy meals are fantastic.
    I love Target, too. I like the sound of your circuit.


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