Wednesday, October 31, 2018


The jack o'lanterns are carved and the costumes are ready. I have three and a half pounds of candy. Halloween is here!

We carved our pumpkins on Sunday afternoon and photographed them after it got dark (sorry for the blurry children!). This year we have a dragon (by the Bear), a skull and crossbones (the LB), and a chicken (by the GB, in what I presume is a tribute to the late Caramel Hen). I don't normally carve my own pumpkin; I help out but mainly observe and clean up. We tried them with candles in the backyard just to see how they looked on Sunday evening, and we'll put them out front with candles tonight when it gets dark outside.

What is Halloween like where you are? Here, we go out trick-or-treating in costumes from about six to eight in the evening, collecting candy or little trinkets (pencils, glow sticks, etc.) at neighborhood houses. Most neighbors participate, but a few will leave the lights off or even hang a sign on the front of their house letting people know that they do not take part in Halloween. We used to have a neighbor who would serve hot dogs in his driveway for kids and parents alike; he moved to Seattle a couple of years ago. Many neighbors go all out with decorations. We have our spider lights on the front gate and we'll put our jack o'lanterns on the front walk for a spooky welcome.

I think Halloween has become a much nicer event than it was when I was a kid. People don't even do the same things anymore. I don't know if it's the times, or the place (I didn't grow up here), but it's different now. We had a lot of fun, don't get me wrong, but there was much more mayhem and a fair amount of destructive behavior - pumpkins smashed in the street, eggs thrown at houses and cars, toilet paper in the trees, all kinds of nasty stuff in mailboxes. In my neighborhood, there were police patrolling all night long, breaking up large groups of kids, questioning everyone and searching bags. The night before Halloween was much worse, actually, and we always knew it as Mischief Night. You don't see that kind of stuff now, though, which is really for the best. Halloween seems more wholesome now, at least where we are.

Tonight is supposed to be very cold. We had another storm come through last night, bringing rain to us and snow on the mountain. I'm just getting glimpses of it as the clouds begin to break up this morning. It's the first real snow of the season in the foothills. Tonight, we should have our first freeze. I'm a little nervous about the cold while trick-or-treating; this morning, the weather forecast said it will be the coldest Halloween night since 1991! Scaaaary. We'll just have to bundle up and move quick.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween!


  1. I am so glad that it is better where you are! I find the decorations too goulish here where I live and the kids go trick or treating *before* dark as it's never that safe here after dark but we hope for better and we will see! We do have more buildings and a coffee shop and a few restaurants so we are hoping things will improve!

  2. It sounds like fun despite the cold. As you say, bundling up and moving quickly will be the key. I hope you have a good time. The pumpkins are excellent, nicely carved everyone. CJ xx

  3. Happy Halloween!
    Love your pumpkins!
    Have fun, and stay warm. : )

  4. Love your jack-o’-lanterns! They look great. We don’t have very many trick-or-treaters here anymore and I’m not sure why. When we built our house 16 years ago, the first few years they would bring kids in vans and we would have 300-400 kids trick-or-treating every year. Last year there were 2! I hope you all have a wonderful time tonight.

  5. I hope the cold is not too biting for you. Your trio of pumpkins looks fab, very artistic carvings. Halloween is quite tame here but I remember once a long time ago a group of naughties popped our pumpkin with fireworks! Today it was raining buckets and I am glad Richard took to little ones out guising (this is what we call trick or treat in Scotland). Annie manned the door for all the little ghosts and witches with their "terrible" jokes. I was banned to the kitchen and told not to come out until all was over... not sure what to make of this! I sandwiched a quilt, which was just fine by me. I saw a halloween parade at work today. There are very many American students at the Vet School (where bizarrely my office is) and a large group dressed up beautifully and had a jolly good time. The costumes were stunning, one of the lecturers dressed up as a raven and she was just amazing. I enjoyed that. I hope the rest of your week is lovely. xx

  6. Your pumpkins turned out great!
    It's a nice evening here. We live out in the country and usually don't get trick or treaters. I bought a bag of candy but it's 7:15 now and so far no one has been here.

  7. Love the lanterns, sounds like you have lots of fun. Halloween isn't really celebrated here I didn't see any decor at all.

  8. Happy Halloween Jennifer. Your family pumpkins look great, beautifully carved. I like the idea of your spooky welcome - noone does that here, although pumpkins now appear sometimes. It all sounds like fun. As the cold weather begins, my grandson in Ottawa made a snowman in their yard this week - it has already snowed! That is early, even for them. Take care.

  9. Halloween isn't fun for us anymore, since we don't have little kids or grandkids. We do pass out candy, but we hardly get any trick-or-treaters. We only got 12 kids from 3:30 - 7. We finally turned out our porch light and considered it done. (Trick-or-treat hours went until 8 here.) It seems much nicer nowadays here, too. I took a walk around our neighborhood this morning and there were no signs of smashed pumpkins, TP'd trees, or eggs smashed anywhere. When I was a teen, I did get together with a group of other kids and ran around the neighborhood taking real estate signs from yards and putting them in other people's yards. That's the only "bad" thing I did. I never egged cars or houses or TP'd anything. But sister did. Anyway, I am sending all our leftover Halloween candy with Brian to work!

  10. Your carved pumpkins turned out so cute! We took Charlotte trick-or-treating in the neighborhood last night and she had a blast. I hope you all had a great time last night and stayed warm and cozy. Bring on all the cold weather - I love it!

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  13. Im in the UK and my front window got egged on Halloween. It always used to be the night before for that sort of thing. I had my hall light switched off and no pumpkins or anything else out.

  14. The egging and toilet paper doesn't sound great.. but the hot dog man, that is pretty cool.. too bad he moved.
    Thankfully we don't have any of that in our area..though people with those fancy camera doorbells did post about older boys stealing their bowls full of candy and driving away..
    the younger kids usually start around 4:30pm and it goes on with the teenagers coming out around 9pm. We were out around 6 this time.. most of the houses do participate but decorations are scarce in our neighborhood.
    We had great weather so that was a plus.


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