Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Bright berries

This morning, I baked a carrot cake in a bundt pan. I'd always baked them in rectangular pans, all the better for covering with foil after icing, but I felt like a change this time. I'm going to make thin, drizzly icing instead, and I felt like trying the cake in a bundt pan, which worked surprisingly well. I thought maybe the carrots would make the batter too heavy, but nope - a beautifully risen bundt cake. It's our Thanksgiving dessert and I baked it today because I have too many things to cook tomorrow. I also made my cranberry sauce already - yesterday morning - because it can just sit in the fridge and firm up for a couple of days. I'm also making a turkey breast, candied yams, garlic mashed potatoes, stuffing and steamed asparagus. The Bear will bake bread outdoors in a cast-iron Dutch oven with hot coals (he loves this kind of cooking, or any kind of fire work, really - he's had the rocket stove out lately firing his own clay pottery in it; Dutch oven bread is really just another flavor of that), and we'll have our usual assortment of olives and nuts for appetizers. We've almost always had Thanksgiving at home, just the two - then three, then four - of us, and we really like it calm and quiet this way. Thanksgiving is a great holiday for food and hanging out. It's some work, yes, but it doesn't have the pressure of presents and decorations and high expectations, so I like it best of all the holidays, I think.

All week, I've had sick kids lounging on the couch. There's something really crummy going around at school, with fevers and sore throats and aches and pains. I've done very little all week as a result. I feel fine myself, though. We're watching TV shows and movies, reading books and listening to the radio. I've been crocheting a lot. My stash-buster ripple is getting huge and I'm nearly at the bottom of my yarn basket. None too soon, since the ripple I'm replacing literally tore right down the middle while a sick person was attempting to spread it over himself. We put it out with the trash on Monday.

I was a little sad; that blanket was my first real, big crochet project, made a year or two after I found crochet-based blogs and started thinking that it looked like a good craft for me to take up. I was a less mature, less settled person then, mother of a preschooler and a baby, feeling overwhelmed a lot, wishing I had a way to unwind and calm what was already a very anxious and high-strung personality before babies and young children ever entered the scene. Making that blanket showed me that I was capable of finishing a project, and of making something really useful for my household. We used it to death, apparently. I loved it, though, and it gave me the confidence to try more and more new things in crochet. I've said it before, but I do think crochet changed my life for the infinitely better. I'm always surprised by how empowering it has been to learn a craft and stick with it.

So it's been a weird week, and not just because I'm semi-mourning an admittedly ugly old blanket. You know how it is when they're the real kind of sick, not the kind where they want to talk to you and they argue about what they're allowed to eat and drink. This is the kind where they lie there listlessly and then take themselves off to bed at 6:30. It makes for strange days for me, where I don't go out and all the activities and lessons are off the table. At least it was a short school week, so they didn't miss much. I'm hopeful that they'll be well for tomorrow. For now, it's just another quiet day. We're watching Frasier on Netflix, which I really should have given more of a chance back when it was on TV. I should go and see if the patients feel like having lunch. Even if they don't, I could use some.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday if you are celebrating! Take care, enjoy and have a lovely time.


  1. I hope your children are felling much better soon! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I totally get how being indoors a lot, saying goodbye to one's first handmade blanket and sick kids can make one feel a big sad/off kilter. I hope they are better real quick that that tomorrow is a really nice time for the 4 of you!

  3. We always stay home too...just our little family!
    I pray you are all on the mend and enjoy a blessed and happy Thanksgiving together.
    My Peyton is baking our pumpkin pies now, the stuffing bread is drying, and the turkey is thawing!
    I am currently on the couch snuggling under a quilt. : )
    Have a cozy evening!!!

  4. Your photos are beautiful, and peaceful as usual.
    Sorry you have sickies over there. Hope no one else gets it!
    Sorry about the blanket too. I understand your sadness. It served you well and just think how far you've come since you started that one!

  5. Hoping you all are well and able to celebrate a Happy Thanksgiving! Glad you are enjoying making a new blanket and sorry the first one wore out...but wonderful it was well loved! xx

  6. What a shame about your first blanket. They do wear out, unfortunately. I have repaired my first one a couple of times but it is getting to a point where repair won't do. I hope your children feel better real soon, it does sound like a terrible bug they have. Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving xx

  7. Hope your children are much better shortly. Happy Thanksgiving from England :)

  8. Sad that your first blanket has worn our but its a joy to know it was used and loved.
    Hope the children are on the mend and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  9. I hope your children are feeling better today and wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving :)

  10. Aw sick kids makes for a woeful week. All routines go out of the window. Hope you are all better for the weekend. I like your crochet story, it is very warming. I learnt to crochet when kids were babies too! Jo x

  11. I hope your kids were well enough yesterday to enjoy Thanksgiving. Your menu sounded delicious. Like you, I think my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It's low-key (except for all the food prep) with delicious food and families and friends getting together. That's it - and it's enough. No worrying about decorating just so and no stress about presents.

    Aww, that's sad about the blanket. Things like that are sentimental.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving my friend. Gosh, what a lot of catching up I have to do here! I'm sorry the kids are sick, and I hope they were well enough to enjoy the holiday and all that delicious food you were going to cook. The ripple blanket is really pretty, great colours. I do love a ripple blanket. xx

  13. Belated post catchup wishing all of you a wonderful thanksgiving. May the kids now be fully recovered and back having fun times together. xoxo


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