Sunday, January 20, 2019


Joining my friend Jo in sharing a list of things I'm doing in January... new flooring in the family room concert hall-quality guitar performances while the room was still empty

Baking...a slightly healthy apple crisp

Reading...nothing particularly good at the moment, to my great dismay

Making...some of our summer plans already - two camping weekends have been booked

Wondering...if we'll be able to have campfires this year...come on, monsoon

Sleeping...less well than I'd like to because the neighborhood cats have been back on the roof again

Sorting...DK yarn to try for another stashbuster, probably a blanket for the GB

Appreciating...normal vision after having my pupils dilated on Friday at my eye exam

Feeling...annoyed with children who can't keep track of their jackets and hats

Feeling also...a little cooped up with this colder, wetter winter, as much I like the change

Waiting...for the flooring man to come back and finish the edges

Celebrating...National Tulip Day (January 19) with a bunch of bright red tulips in the living room


  1. Wonderful new flooring, I can well imagine you're enjoying it. Gorgeous flowers too. My youngest has lost his puffer jacket which is annoying. They're normally pretty good at keeping track of things, but this has vanished without trace. Sigh. Hope you have a lovely week. CJ xx

  2. Nice list. The pictures of the kids with their barefeet made me cold. It's only 7 degrees here right now...Am wearing wool socks and shoes and am still cold. Looks like you have some good project works ahead of you.
    Sandy's Space

  3. YAY! Love your ing post, you should do them more often it is really great to read especially now that I know it is national tulip day on my Birthday! Have a good week. Jo xxx

  4. What a bummer that the neighbor cats choose to howl on your roof!
    Your new floor is nice! I love floors that are easy to clean.
    Tulip Day? I didn't know!
    I am ready for the icebergs to completely disappear but I know it's way too soon.

  5. What a fun post today Jennifer. I’m glad you chose to share all of these things with us. I hope you had a wonderful weekend relaxing and enjoying family time. Blessings, Betsy

  6. I love your new floors! Cats on your roof? Yikes! We have a couple of roaming neighborhood cats (not mine - mine are indoor kitties) and we've never had one up on our roof!

  7. Beautiful new floor. We really do need to get started with laying ours in the kitchen/utility. I do not envy howling cats all night it would drive me crazy. A joy to see the tulips.

  8. I love tulips, none here yet but it's only a matter of time until my vases are full. I remember Daniel coming home from school in the wrong jacket once, it was exactly the same as his own but about three sizes smaller and consequently, he couldn't fasten it up and the sleeves came just below his elbow. He didn't even consider that he'd picked someone else's up by mistake!

  9. The flooring is looking great!

  10. An amazing post! I love the flowers. I'm happy your vision came back to normal.
    Wonder Cottage
    The Glossychic

  11. Your flooring looks lovely, it is such a warm shade of brown. I also love your blanket, the colours are well balanced and warm. The good thing about making a blanket in winter is that it keeps you busy and arm all at once. Have a lovely week xx

  12. Great post, Jennifer! I absolutely love your new flooring and your rug - they are both gorgeous! You are really going to enjoy it. I'd love to hear more about your healthy apple crisp. It sounds really good and perfect for these cold, winter days. The red tulips are so pretty. I have pink ones on my table this week. Tulips make me very happy! Have a great rest of the week!

  13. Yay! for National Tulip Day, and what a perfect way to celebrate. They add such a happy splash of color in the middle of winter.


  14. How did I miss this lovely post? Hello beautiful chickens, and yummy apple crisp. Would love your crisp recipe Jennifer, if you ever feel like sharing :) Nothing is better than hearing kids making music - delights me every time. Yesterday in a medical waiting room, a little boy about age 3-4 was singing to himself and his mother was 'shushing' him. I said, oh please, let him sing, I love to hear it! Hope your floors are all you wish for, and happy Wintertime.


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